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So Long Viewer Nametags Says LL

I have a couple different update to get out to you this week, and those will be coming over the next few days, but first and foremost we want to let you all know about a change by LL to all TPVs (Kokua, Imprudence, Phoenix, Firestorm, Etc) that will affect us all. As stated by […]

Imprudence Townhall, Volunteer To Dev/Test!

Volunteer to be a Dev/Tester/Etc for Imprudence (Not Kokua) Sunday February 26th @ 20:00 UTC / 12:00pm Noon Pacific Hoagie Sim @ 3rd Rock Grid As many if not all of you are now aware, after a lot of input from the public and our own discussion and thoughts on the matter, the current team […]

Results Of All Hands Meeting

This last weekend we had our all hands meeting where we discussed the fate and direction of the project going forward. I’m pleased to say that the meeting was well attended not only by team members but the public as well. A few of us even met for the first time as not everyone is […]

What’s Next..?

Here at Imprudence we’ve been juggling several issues, trying to develop two different clients at the same time (Imprudence and Kokua) for three different platforms in 32bit and 64bit flavors. not to mention supporting not only the Second Life grid but all the various OpenSim grids as best we can. We think we’ve made some […]