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Kokua-3.6.8 is released


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.8 (ati beta driver crash fix) and 3.6.7 (Maintenance cohort).

Kokua Team Contributions

- Legacy search with shortcut Ctrl-Alt-F and with menu selections under World and Commands main menu entries.

- Area search with shortcut Alt-A is added but, it is at the very first stage and does not have context menus or filters.

- Many UI enhancements are included.

- A complete list of changes and developer credits is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

Imprudence and Kokua are in process of moving.

Several months ago Imprudence and Kokua teams (team purple) decided to move to SourceForge for our server hosted activities. Some of you may have noticed that Kokua downloads are now present on Bitbucket and SourceForge sites. Our plans are to move forward with phased moves to SourceForge. We have on SourceForge a team-purple project that has Imprudence viewer and Kokua viewer sub projects. Team purple will host activities that are common to both Imprudence and Kokua. For example, prebuilt libraries will be hosted on team purple. There are quiet a few “gotchas” involved in this move. We are asking for patience while we work through the moves. The first move will place downloads under SourceForge’s File Release System (FRS) and will follow shortly thereafter. As an example of the benefits, a file upload from 3 days ago has been replicated to 17 mirror locations. Hopefully, many mirrors will provide a better download experience.

Here are links to Team Purple, Imprudence and Kokua SourcForge locations.

Kokua-3-6-6 is released

I was pleased to represent Kokua at the Open Simulator Community Conference’s panel discussion on viewers, also on the panel were representatives from Singularity and Firestorm. We were questioned about what was known as the 4096 jump bug. This bug “bugged” many in the OS community; the problem was to move more than 4096 grid locations you had to have jumping locations about the grid. The Monday after the conference Shaun (smxy) Emerald opened Firestorm jira FIRE-11593 . Tonya Souther submitted a patch and while that patch did not correct the problem it did trigger a round of testing on osgrid. Latif Khalifa developed a Singularity patch that fixed the issue. He also provided patches to Kokua and Firestorm. His patches are in this release. Opensim developers provided invaluable testing using Singularity and Kokua that provided the symptom verification, proposed fix, and a verified solution to this bug.

If you ever had a failed audio stream at a live performance I think you will find some nice features in this release. Jessica Wabbit has ported some audio stream features from Teapot viewer that allow stream urls to be copied by a right click on the stream announcement in chat and from About Land Sound tab. So if you wonder if you have a bad stream or if it is an in world issue just copy the url and paste into a system audio player such as VLC.


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.6 (materials) and 3.6.5 (cocoa).

Kokua Team Contributions

- Placed a selection for LSL wiki under Help and Build->Scripts menu items which should save steps for new script writers who often need to reference language specifications.

- Added a credit tabs for Firestorm and Kokua in the About->Kokua floater thereby formally recognizing Firestorm viewer contributions to Kokua.

- Implemented the display of decimal global coordinates in About->Kokua floaters. (from singularity / Llirusaito)

- Fixed the 4096 jump bug that had plagued opensim grids for several years. (fix provided by Latif Khalifa with significant testing on the part of opensim developers and kokua)

- Fine tuning of avatar’s age in name tag.

- Added a “Zoom In” option to the object context menu in nearby chat.

- Corrected property lines jumping out of place when minimap re-sized.

- Several enhancements to stream title display including giving the stream its own chat identity and expanding the stream metadata display to also show the stream name. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just right click on the steam’s chat id and select copy the stream and paste into your system’s music player.

- Added a “Visit This Stream’s Website” item to the Audio Stream context menu in nearby chat.

- Added “flip” check boxes to the texture tools panel to flip the diffuse/normal/specular map images horizontally or vertically instead of specifying a negative value.

- Corrected Object->Pay missing from the pie menu.

- Added a “copy to clipboard” button to the Sound tab on the About Land floater. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just copy the stream and
paste into your system’s music player.


Kokua-3.6.4 is released

***Note to windows users***
The name of Kokua changed from “Kokua Viewer” to “Kokua” to allow auto updating to work properly. If you are using a release named Kokua Viewer and then install Kokua the versions will be side-by-side. If you then decide to use the un-installer to remove Kokua Viewer it will remove your settings file. On windows 7 the settings are stored at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Kokua. You need to backup this folder and then restore from the back up after removing Kokua Viewer.


- This started out to be a crash / bug fix release then Linden Lab (LL) dropped the CHUI with Snowstorm cohort code into Viewer Release and it is merged into this release.

- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.4.

Kokua Team Contributions

- A user on an older version of Linux reported an auto update issue that resulted in no working viewer. Kokua recently updated build systems from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy. While great for users that move ahead of the pack in updating their Linux distributions it left one user (and maybe more) without a working Kokua on their system. So, the request to upgrade was acknowledged and new Kokua was installed. But, it would not run then, when the old Kokua was tried it was stuck wanting to update. Tests of LL viewer-release showed the same problem. It would run fine on Wheezy and crash on Squeeze. Assumption being that LL is also building their viewers on Wheezy. Additional detail can be found in LL jira issue OPEN-186. Starting with this release we have gone back to building on Debian Squeeze and the viewer runs on both Debian Squeeze and Wheezy.

- Show each avatar’s age in their name tag unless they are older than the number of days specified in preferences. Defaults to disabled in preferences. When enabled, the number of days defaults to 28. Zero days means always show ages (when enabled). This feature helps greeters spot new players so they can be welcomed and offered assistance.

- Only show “Sit Here” or “Stand Up” options in the right-click context menu for objects.

- Added a “Teleport Here” option to go along with “Sit Here” in context menus.

- OXP backup crash fix: Selecting individual object(s) from a linkset, rather than the selecting the entire linkset, caused an immediate viewer crash.

- Disable the “Duplicate Values” button on the diffuse map panel if there’s no normal or specular map to copy values to.

- Added a button to copy the size, rotation and offset material settings from the diffuse map to both the normal and specular maps (if the extra materials are present). Also added a button to copy from normal to both diffuse and specular, and another to copy from specular to both diffuse and normal.

- Don’t include the trailing “?” in the link when asking “Load web page" in notifications.

- Fixed a variable scope bug in LLVOVolume::getApproximateFaceNormal().

Auto update status

I just tested the update from Kokua (Jun 28 2013 17:19:24) to Kokua (Aug 21 2013 14:49:45) and it went well from old to new.

On older Kokua Viewers there will be a required update but, due a lack of correct notifications those will be directed to the Second Life Download web page. At that point a choice can be made to go ahead with the Second Life viewer install or exit the program and use this download link to install an updated Kokua.

This is not a conspiracy to force the Second Life viewer on anyone. The viewers involved do not support Server Side Appearance (SSA) and would be of limited use on Second Life grid.

THIS WAS MY DECISION. Please don’t grump about it to Second Life or their support group.

Kokua-3.6.3 is released

***Note to windows users***
The name of Kokua changed from “Kokua Viewer” to “Kokua” to allow auto updating to work properly. If you are using a release named Kokua Viewer and then install Kokua the versions will be side-by-side. If you then decide to use the un-installer to remove Kokua Viewer it will remove your settings file. On windows 7 the settings are stored at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Kokua. You need to backup this folder and then restore from the back up after removing Kokua Viewer.

Automatic updating will be in play for users that updated to Kokua-3.6.2 (about 350 users). Please leave comments about how it worked.

The folks at Singularity recently developed (and licensed it LGPL) a neat feature to allow prim export to Collada (dae) and Wavefront (obj) formats. Jessica Wabbit has contributed a port of this to Kokua for Collada export. Based on user feedback she may include the obj exports at a later date. Testing this feature shows it complies with Second Life permissions. You must be the creator and the owner to export. I tested this on the beta grid with a couple random prims and then on a cube I created. It seems to solid in that respect.


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.3.

Kokua Team Contributions

- Added a new “Permissions” sub-menu for friends on the People floater.

- Added display of group and role UUIDs at the end of the group’s General and Roles panels.

- Added Open Simulator Community Conference 2013 grid to the grid drop down list.

- Added plain text chat history as an option in chat preferences.

- Fine tuned notifications for the automatic update feature.

Download links



Kokua 3.6.2 is released


max reported a problem with the name change from Kokua Viewer to Kokua and both programs using the same settings file. An uninstall of Kokua Viewer wiped the settings file and then the install of Kokua had fresh settings. If you need to maintain settings; backup the settings folder and then copy the back up to be active.


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.2.

- Includes vivox voice improvements.

- Automatic update functionally added. Recently, working with Oz Linden we have turned the automatic update feature on to attempt forced updates of older Kokua viewers.
It doesn’t appear we will be able to update older viewers as they are coded to offer links to the SL download site instead of the Kokua download site.
From this version forward automatic updates will be in play. Bitbucket does not support SL’s program control methods of downloading and automatic updates will come from Kokua’s SourceForge download area

Kokua Team Contributions

- Returned to standard SL viewer Debug for the login menu. This allows selection of Debug level before logging in.

- “Stop animating me” short cut is assigned to Shift-S.

- There are several Linux build changes to allow compiling on current compilers. (Builds on gcc-4.7 and gcc-4.8 have webkit runtime issues)

- Maximum number of groups is corrected for OpenSim.

- Freeze/Unfreeze and Eject/Ban context added per Feature request #1254.

- Clicking on the bandwidth or packet loss graph brings up Statistics window.

- Reach Out slider renamed Radar Range and now has a 4095m upper limit and is re-positioned above the mini-map.

- Middle mouse button functions as paste.

- Middle mouse button can scroll the world map.

- Toolbar button for “Map” is renamed to “World Map”.

Download links



Kokua Second Life usage statistics

Recent usage statistics show an steady increase in session and session duration minutes. For routine statistic reporting the target is 200,000 session duration minutes on one viewer for a one week period. We are short of about 79,000 on the present release Kokua Viewer This value is about 33,000 short if all versions are included. Please update to the current release viewer and with some additional growth we can break over the 200,000 minutes / per week threshold. Also, server side baking was included from versions 3.5.0 and greater which is even more of a reason to update.
Kokua Statistics

Kokua 3.6.1 Mesh Deformer Test Viewer

A mesh deformer test viewer is now available. This viewer uses the recently released Inworlz deformer patch by Karl Stiefvater (aka Qarl Fizz) and McCabe Maxsted with minor tweaking to make it friendly with the 3.6.1 code base.

The links to the downloads are posted at the bottom of the Kokua Downloads wiki page under the title Additional Test Viewer Downloads.


Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.6.1.

Linden Lab had some bug corrections related to materials rendering. After much self grumbling and looking over the 20 or so commits I decided to go with a Kokua release.

Also, there was a bug reported that affected the edit of object position from build tools. That alone would justify a bug fix release.

I want to thank all who have downloaded and tried the viewer. At this writing there have been 606 downloads in 7 days. While this is small compared to other viewers, it is a record for Kokua. I am sorry to ask for additional updating so soon after a release but, based on feedback from Linden Lab and the Kokua bug it appears necessary.

Included is a range slider beneath the mini-map within the People->Nearby tab. This is a convenience to allow adjustment of the 130 meter default radius which is the debug setting “NearMeRange”.
Near Me Range