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Kokua-3.7.22 automatic update

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This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.
If you have problems with automatic updates not processing; below are alternate direct download links from our mirror site on


Linux 32 Bit

Linux 64 Bit


Kokua-3.7.22 is released

This is a bug fix release. For SecondLife users this will be a required update for all.

Ticket #292: Selection of the TELEPORT button from inside an SL search response resulted in failed teleport notices.

Ticket #322: If an automatic update failed, a notification presented and a link would be highlighted for manual
download of the update. This link referenced a location that was no longer maintained. The latest updates were not at this location. Both old and new locations now have current files. This release corrects the notification link to reference the new File downloads.

Changed the default for region coordinates to always be present in the location bar.

Merged up the current SL viewer. This was only a couple changesets to maintain sync with SL’s viewer release. The bulk of that release was already in Kokua.

Kokua-3.7.22 Release Notes


Kokua-3.7.21 is released.

***A clean install is recommended for this update.***

Kokua-3.7.21 is released. However, taking into account the cohort’s merged in early and if SL merges these in one at a time the version is about 3.7.24 and one-half. The half being the attachments cohort that went in early and then SL withdrew and reissued the cohort with additional changes. This last set if changes are not included in this release.

- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.21 and includes cohort merges as indicated below.

- SL Release 3.7.12 Maintenance Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.13 Group Ban Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.14 Library Refresh Cohort Release Notes This necessiated a build of all the updated libraries for Linux 64 bit platform.

- SL Release 3.7.15 Snowstorm Summer Contributions Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.16 Maintenance and Small Features Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.17 New Login Screen Cohort — Merged and then backed out Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.18 POODLE exploit (SSLv3) fix Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.19 HTTP Pipelining Cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.20 Attachments Cohort (merged while still in cohort status) Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.20 GPU Benchmarking Cohort Release Notes GPU Bench-marking provides a short bench mark routine at start-up for Graphics Card selection thus, doing away the GPU Table file previously used for initial Graphics Card selection. On my older HP desktop with AMD graphics the bench mark forced a change in card used and that appeared to provide better FPS once logged in. On my alienware laptop bench mark changed to a different card but selected a low graphics setting that I was able to move to a higher setting in preferences. This higher setting persisted after a re log.

- SL Release 3.7.21 Snowstorm Fall Contributions Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.21 Maintenance Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.21 Pipelining Enhancements Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.

The full listing of changes added are in this CHANGELOG.txt file.


OpenSim branch release Kokua-

Version numbering for the OpenSim branch is to use the last merged SL version and add a digit when newer features are cherry picked. This version is 3.7.8 the last merged SL version plus one(1). Current version number handling doesn’t make room for another decimal point delimiter. SL version 3.7.20 GPU bench marking has been cherry picked. This provides a short bench mark routine at start-up for Graphics Card selection thus, doing away the GPU Table file previously used for initial Graphics Card selection. On my older HP desktop with AMD graphics the bench mark forced a change in card used and that appeared to provide better FPS once logged in. On my super duper alienware laptop bench mark changed to a different card but selected a low graphics setting that I was able to move to a higher setting in preferences. This higher setting persisted after a re log. After this release finalized I noticed a crash bug report on SL jira and some attempts to resolve same with bug fixes. Those affected by these crashes may wish to rollback and install Kokua-OpenSim-3.7.8. Once SL fixes the crashes weekly test builds will be updated with the fix.

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.


Linux users of Kokua.

Issues with starting Kokua have been reported on some distributions that did not show up while testing the viewer on debian or ubuntu.

Slackware and Linux Mint 17 seem to be affected.

Slackware did not tolerate the absence of gridargs.dat.

Mint script commands did not interpret library paths.

Attached file kokua.txt at ticket #305 is a replacement ./kokua script. This is in a .txt file so it would be best to use as a guide to edit or copy/paste into
your live ./kokua script. The file is also in Files->Weekly on Sourceforge.

This change will be in the Weekly viewer downloads next week.

OpenSim branch release Kokua-

Kokua has branched off OpenSim viewer development and releases. For now, both the Second Life and OpenSim viewers operate in both grid environments, however, crashes on some OpenSim grids will likely happen when using the Second Life version on some Opensim grids. The release of Kokua.3.7.12 exposed some vulnerabilities of having one viewer handle both environments. The problem with Kokua-3.7.12 was that it could log on and perform well on some OpenSim grids but, would hang and then crash on others. Particularly troublesome was that it would crash on a standalone instance built from opensim git Master , OpenSim’s development track. Also, as reported by Inara Pey LindenLab is moving to content delivery network (CDN) for Meshes and Textures and plans drop UDP portocol once CDN is adopted. I suspect there will be a delay while the OpenSim core developers determine how best to approach those changes.

Release Notes link.

Downloads link.

Kokua-3.7.12 is released

This release includes over 2200 changes. With that much touching there are likely hidden problems. Please report these in the Kokua ticket system on sourceforge.

Special recognition to Jessica Wabbit for helping with the Interest List (scene loading) merge and UI enhancements.

Known Limitations

- Neither RLV nor RLVa is included. It would have delayed this release significantly to wait on completion and merge up of those features.

- Several opensim grids trigger a Kokua crash at scene presence. Known to work are Osgrid, 3RG, and jOpenSimWorld. All other grids in the grid drop down list trigger a crash. However, Hyper Grid (HG) teleport into grids that are HG open works. So, you could log onto Osgrid and HG teleport to your grid of choice. If you use one of the grids that is crashing contact your grid’s support personnel and see if they can work with the other working grids to determine what the working grids are doing correctly.

- The feature to have your avatar name on the title bar only works when selected after log on. If selected before log on it triggers a crash.

- The walk/run/fly control has to selected at each logon. It does not persist across log on.

- These issues and others are being tracked in Kokua’s ticket system at: Kokua sourceforge tickets


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.7 through SL 3.7.12. Links to SL release notes for each version are below.

- SL Release 3.7.7 Viewer Interesting (Scene Loading) cohort Release Notes]

- SL Release 3.7.8 Maintenance fixes cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.9 Sunshine (SSB) (AISv3) Memory fixes combined cohorts Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.10 SL Share Facebook, Twitter, Flickr cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.11 Snowstorm contributions cohort Release Notes

- SL Release 3.7.12 Maintenance quick fixes cohort (Not yet in SL Default) Release Notes

Kokua Team Contributions

- The chat text entry bar has tinted background based of the type of conversation. Nearby chat remains as white. The rest of the chat types are
colored as follows: * IM sessions are tinted red. * Group chat sessions are tinted green. * Conference sessions are tinted blue.

- Added preferences for name and grid display in the program title bar.

- Adjusted received items folder to display as a system folder when the preference is on. It was in the normal folders area.

- Ported, with author permission, a change by Aleric Inglewood that prevents wearing of Inventory and Library root folders.

- Included a bug fix by Cinder Roxley concerning LSL assistance file transfer from SL servers. Expect this to be included in SL viewers soon.

- A complete record of changes is here.

Kokua Test 3.7.10

There will not be a release version this month. The test versions are just not ready for release due to AISv3 merge.
First, AISv3 places Kokua ahead of RLVa and Kokua Test will not have RLVa until later. Second, there are issues with OpenSim grid configurations that are not handled handled correctly. SL grids, OSgrid, 3d Rock Grid, and jOpenSimWorld are not affected. Avination, InWorldz, Kitely, Metropolis Metaversum and several others have configurations that are triggering a Kokua main loop memory exception crash. From the grid operator point of view I understand that it will be considered a viewer issue and Kokua needs patched to handle whatever is thrown at it. If I knew what was being thrown, it would be fixed. It is not an OpenSim version problem as both good and crashed share OpenSim versions.

On to the positive. Kokua Test 3.7.10 seems solid and has SL features from:
3.7.7 Interesting Viewer
3.7.8 Maintenance Release
3.7.9 MemPlugs(memory leak fixes), Sunshinev2 and AISv3
3.7.10 Social (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) for Kokua these are accessed under top menu “View” and tool box Icons are defaulted to the bottom of the left tool bar.

Kokua Test viewers are available in the Nightly files area on SourceForge.

Issue tracker move to SourceForge

As announced some time ago we are moving our back end server modules to Onefang has been the lead for this effort. The issue tracker is now live on SourceForge. New tickets and updates to old issues should use the new SourceForge ticket trackers.

The Imprudence ones are at -

The Kokua ones are at -

All the rest (not many) are merged into one tracker at -

So the SourceForge Allura ticket system should now be considered live, and the Redmine issue system should be considered an historical archive.

Some known issues are listed at -

Problems with the conversion may reported as comments to this post.

Kokua-3.7.6 is released

- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.5 (Google Breakpad (crash reporting cohort), 3.7.6 (Merchant Outbox, Google Breakpad bug fixes, and Voice Library updates for Mac and Windows*). *The libraries were merged in an earlier release. This completes the record by including all the changes.

- SL Release 3.7.5.

- SL Release 3.7.6.

Kokua Team Contributions

Feature related:
- Received items to display as a system folder ported from Firestorm (Ansariel , and NickyD rework of same). In Kokua, by design, the large received items selector at the bottom of the main inventory window is always present even when the received items folder is shown in main inventory.

- Hide empty system folders from Firestorm (Ansariel).

- Correct several merge regressions from RLVa affecting Kokua functionally.

- Windows, returned functionally of local chat right click menu music stream title display. This was removed when FmodEx was installed. (Jessica Wabbit)

- Macintosh streaming music is now using the FmodEx library and streams appear more reliable than with previously used Quicktime.

UI enhancements (Jessica Wabbit):

- Corrected the parcel name not changing unless “Show region coordinates” was switched on.

- “Report Abuse” added to right click context menus for objects and avatars.

- A complete record of all changes is here.

Server Side Appearance and Inventory API version 3 (AISv3).

I hoped to put this functionally into this release but, neither RLV nor RLVa have public source code repositories that have a working merge of sunshine-external the SSA/AISv3 repository and I am not familiar enough with RLV code to go with my own merge. There are working Kokua project viewers (without RLV) that have SSA/AISv3 merged and are within a few changes of this release . I am leaning toward using RLV by Marine Kelley instead of RLVa by Kitty Barnett because Marine Kelley’s RLV repository is routinely maintained, as is Kokua, close to the Secondlife viewer. If anyone knows of performance differences between RLV and RLVa please comment.

Project Viewers for Server Side Appearance with AISv3
Kokua SSA Testing

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.