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Kokua Test / Linux

A reported Linux viewer issue that stream titles were spamming local chat and notifications is resolved in this test version.

This fix was applied during development for the next release and includes from Catznip / Kitty Barnett’s features RLVa and Edit items from Inventory features. These features have not been thoroughly tested in Kokua and users are encouraged to review Kokua’s Best Practices for Testing wiki before using.

Kokua-3.7.1 is released.



- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.13 (Packaging cohort), 3.7.0 (Fitted Mesh plus sundry fixes cohort) and 3.7.1 (1317Hotfix cohort).

- SL Release 3.6.13 notes

- SL Release 3.7.0 notes.

- SL Release 3.7.1 notes.

Kokua Team Contributions

- The default for the draw distance slider on the status bar is now off. New users were confusing it with the master volume slider. The draw distance slider can be set to be on with the debug variable “showdDSlider”.

- Added under Advanced and Commands is a Refresh scene selection. Operationally, it deselects Preferences->Graphics->Advanced->Basic shaders and once deselected the frame rate will increase dramatically due to decreased rendering load and quickly pull in the basics of a scene, next, an information message is printed to the log to give a little more time with out shaders, then, Basic shaders are returned to enabled which dresses the scene. This can be tested by manually following the steps above. This helps to mitigate the missing prims issue. I had some experience using this at a recent third party viewer developers meeting. When I arrived the other participant avatars were sitting in air and the hippo theater was missing. I used Refresh Scene and all missing primitives and parts thereof rezzed quickly.

- Windows version is now playing streaming music with the FMOD Ex library. This being used under the non commercial license from FMOD.

- Long overdue and ported from Firestorm is avatar name on the title bar. (Presently for windows only)

- Opensim variable sized regions and aurora sim regions are now supported. Kokua needs testers willing to document and submit issue reports concerning all aspects of its use in large regions.

- Macintosh viewer is now release. Moving to release was made possible by several mac users who tested and provided feedback.

- Several old issues concerning the user interface have been resolved. Thanks to the contributions from David Rowe.

- A complete record of changes is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

Kokua Mac test viewer available

Several hours ago the first Mac build completed and I logged on to Second Life beta grid, aditi. Rebranding from Second Life to Kokua is needed. If there are Mac users that would like to help in this area please respond and I’ll help set up a build environment on your system. I would like Mac users to test and provide look and feel opinions as comments to this post. If there are bugs please report them to our issue tracker.

Thanks to McCabe Maxstead for sound (openal) make work tweaks and Cinder Roxley of Firestorm Project for make it build patches.

A special thanks to onefang, our primary Imprudence developer, who recently purchased a mini-mac and provided his system as a way for Kokua to be built.

Test viewers including mac are included in Kokua’s Nightly directory.

The mac download link is here This link will not remain current so please use the link to the Nightly directory to stay current.

Kokua-3-6.12 is released.


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.11 (GPU Table cohort) and 3.6.12 (Name Updater cohort) These changes do not affect viewer functionally.

- At viewer start there will be a notice and link to check graphics drive availability. Please use due caution in updating these drivers as updated drivers have resulted in system breakages in the past. The notice is a recommendation to check for updated drivers not a requirement to update.

- SL Release 3.6.11 notes.

- SL Release 3.6.12 notes.

Kokua Team Contributions

- Significant UI enhancements by Jessica Wabbit.

- Great Britain english option provided by Jessica.

- Removed packaged pcre libraries from linux 64 bit builds as they caused web kit to not load on newer Debian based distributions.

- A complete record of changes is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

Corrected Kokua linux 64 bit media plugin webkit failed to load at viewer start.

On newer Debian derived distributions in the class of Debian testing (aka Jessie) there have been complaints of web kit plugin failure to load at viewer start and also no voice and no audio streams. This has also affected Ubuntu 13.xx distributions. Some time back there were issues with not being found at viewer start. Users where applying symbolic links from the viewer’s lib64 directory to the system pcre. At that time Kokua started packaging the build system pcre with the viewer to save on user hassle of finding the system pcre and applying symbolic links. This no longer works correctly as modern distributions have updated. A test viewer is available that removes the four libpcre* libraries / links from packaging with the viewer. This has been tested and works correctly on Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 13.10. This may affect non-Debian distributions and a return to applying a symbolic link to may be needed.

The test viewer may be downloaded from Kokua viewer nightly folder on sourceforge.

Kokua-3.6.10 is released


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.10 (Maintenance cohort) and 3.6.9 (Snowstorm and social (youtube access)cohorts).

- SL Release 3.6.10 notes.

- SL Release 3.6.9 notes.

Kokua Team Contributions

- Significant rewrite to area search with context menu active, however, Return and Pay entries are a work in progress and remain grey for now.

- A link to grid support groups, if in settings file, has been added inside the About Kokua

- A complete record of changes is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

Server Side Appearance (SSA) — Phase II testing

At the last Linden Lab (LL) Third Part Viewer (TPV) meeting, LL recommended that TPV projects merge updated SSA code in anticipation of planned pile on testing of the updated inventory code known as AIS V3. AIS V3 is a new inventory Application Programming Interface (api) developed to correct inventory handling issues discovered during tests and roll out of SSA. Also, LL recently removed client baking code and that code is dead from LL’s point of view.

Kokua is also used as an OpenSim (OS) viewer and lack of client baking would disable the viewer for many of our users.

Kokua has built test viewers for Windows and Linux 64 bit platforms that can be used for the upcoming LL pile on test and have the client baking code restored for use on OpenSim grids.

There are four regions on aditi beta grid that have server code with AIS V3 activated. Regions sunshinesls, sunshinesls1, sunshinetest, sunshinetest1 are the AIS V3 test regions.

The code repository and issue tracker are on Bitbucket. Please read repository issues for updates on problems and known limitations.

The downloads are on Sourceforge.

This test viewer affects your inventory. Please review our best practices before testing.

Tests by primarily SL users should be on aditi and be focused on inventory transactions including changing avatar body parts and body part parameters for example eye color.

Tests by primarily OS users should be similar and include looking for any changed behavior from the latest release viewer.

If any Kokua user wants to take part in LL’s pile on tests please let me know via email.

Kokua-3.6.8 is released


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.8 (ati beta driver crash fix) and 3.6.7 (Maintenance cohort).

Kokua Team Contributions

- Legacy search with shortcut Ctrl-Alt-F and with menu selections under World and Commands main menu entries.

- Area search with shortcut Alt-A is added but, it is at the very first stage and does not have context menus or filters.

- Many UI enhancements are included.

- A complete list of changes and developer credits is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

Imprudence and Kokua are in process of moving.

Several months ago Imprudence and Kokua teams (team purple) decided to move to SourceForge for our server hosted activities. Some of you may have noticed that Kokua downloads are now present on Bitbucket and SourceForge sites. Our plans are to move forward with phased moves to SourceForge. We have on SourceForge a team-purple project that has Imprudence viewer and Kokua viewer sub projects. Team purple will host activities that are common to both Imprudence and Kokua. For example, prebuilt libraries will be hosted on team purple. There are quiet a few “gotchas” involved in this move. We are asking for patience while we work through the moves. The first move will place downloads under SourceForge’s File Release System (FRS) and will follow shortly thereafter. As an example of the benefits, a file upload from 3 days ago has been replicated to 17 mirror locations. Hopefully, many mirrors will provide a better download experience.

Here are links to Team Purple, Imprudence and Kokua SourcForge locations.

Kokua-3-6-6 is released

I was pleased to represent Kokua at the Open Simulator Community Conference’s panel discussion on viewers, also on the panel were representatives from Singularity and Firestorm. We were questioned about what was known as the 4096 jump bug. This bug “bugged” many in the OS community; the problem was to move more than 4096 grid locations you had to have jumping locations about the grid. The Monday after the conference Shaun (smxy) Emerald opened Firestorm jira FIRE-11593 . Tonya Souther submitted a patch and while that patch did not correct the problem it did trigger a round of testing on osgrid. Latif Khalifa developed a Singularity patch that fixed the issue. He also provided patches to Kokua and Firestorm. His patches are in this release. Opensim developers provided invaluable testing using Singularity and Kokua that provided the symptom verification, proposed fix, and a verified solution to this bug.

If you ever had a failed audio stream at a live performance I think you will find some nice features in this release. Jessica Wabbit has ported some audio stream features from Teapot viewer that allow stream urls to be copied by a right click on the stream announcement in chat and from About Land Sound tab. So if you wonder if you have a bad stream or if it is an in world issue just copy the url and paste into a system audio player such as VLC.


- Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.6 (materials) and 3.6.5 (cocoa).

Kokua Team Contributions

- Placed a selection for LSL wiki under Help and Build->Scripts menu items which should save steps for new script writers who often need to reference language specifications.

- Added a credit tabs for Firestorm and Kokua in the About->Kokua floater thereby formally recognizing Firestorm viewer contributions to Kokua.

- Implemented the display of decimal global coordinates in About->Kokua floaters. (from singularity / Llirusaito)

- Fixed the 4096 jump bug that had plagued opensim grids for several years. (fix provided by Latif Khalifa with significant testing on the part of opensim developers and kokua)

- Fine tuning of avatar’s age in name tag.

- Added a “Zoom In” option to the object context menu in nearby chat.

- Corrected property lines jumping out of place when minimap re-sized.

- Several enhancements to stream title display including giving the stream its own chat identity and expanding the stream metadata display to also show the stream name. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just right click on the steam’s chat id and select copy the stream and paste into your system’s music player.

- Added a “Visit This Stream’s Website” item to the Audio Stream context menu in nearby chat.

- Added “flip” check boxes to the texture tools panel to flip the diffuse/normal/specular map images horizontally or vertically instead of specifying a negative value.

- Corrected Object->Pay missing from the pie menu.

- Added a “copy to clipboard” button to the Sound tab on the About Land floater. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just copy the stream and
paste into your system’s music player.