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Thank You to Everyone Who Donated

We tend to use this blog for more official postings, but I just wanted to express my personal gratitude to everyone who donated this week to help me get a new development machine. In under 24 hours, the money was raised, and I’m both awed and humbled by your support. From the bottom of my heart, it’s appreciated.

The new computer–which I’ve nicknamed “Impy”–should arrive Monday afternoon, and I’ll be sure to post pictures once it does! (Sadly, I couldn’t find one in purple.) Until then, thanks again. You guys are the reason we do this :)

McCabe Maxsted

Imprudence 1.3.0 Released

At long last, Imprudence 1.3.0 is available! This is the culmination of a year of development effort, and boy are we glad to finally get it released! It doesn’t have all the shiny new features that the Experimentals do, but this is still an important milestone in the Imprudence development roadmap.

This release contains many bug fixes and other polish compared to 1.3.0 RC3. If you are using 1.2 or any of the 1.3 RCs or betas, we encourage you to upgrade to this new release. If you are currently using the Experimentals, there’s no need for you to download this release.

As always, we ask that you post your feedback in the forums. We rely on your reports and feedback to make Imprudence better!

If you’re new to Imprudence and curious what makes us different, our features list and manifesto (mission statement) are good places to start reading.



Bug with Second Life TOS acceptation (Fix now available)

Hello dear Imprudents!

We have been informed of a weird bug affecting Imprudence’s ability to accept a new TOS for SecondLife. The SL TOS page is just not loading correctly and some people will either be stuck at the acceptance page or can potentially crash. The developers are aware of the issue and will apply a fix this week that will go both in the latest 1.3.0 branch and 1.4.0 Experimental.

A temporary workaround is simple: use another viewer to accept the TOS, then relog in Imprudence, and everything should be working fine.

PS: You DO NOT need to download Viewer 2.x to do so! Any old viewer will work. We recommend the text based Radegast to login and accept the policy change.

We apologize for that glitch and any inconvenience, and we thank you for your great patience with that matter.

Codie, Community Liaison for Imprudence Viewer

UPDATE: A hotfix is now available for the most recent Experimental release:

McCabe’s Computer is Dying! (Updated)

McCabe’s computer is on the verge of dying, and desperately needs to be replaced. We need your financial support to make that happen!

Over the past two years, McCabe has been using an ancient, crumbling laptop to develop Imprudence and compile the Windows builds. It takes him several hours to compile Imprudence from scratch, and even if he makes a single change to the source code, it takes over a half hour merely to link the viewer again, the final step of compiling. Obviously, such a long compile time makes it very tedious to test out new changes, which makes the development process difficult.

But, what used to be a nuisance, is now becoming an immediate hazard to Imprudence development. The hard drive on McCabe’s laptop is showing signs of failing, and it could die completely any day now. If that happens, McCabe would be totally out of commission, which would significantly disrupt Imprudence development. McCabe is in charge of compiling the Windows builds, as well as coordinating and assembling the weekly Experimental releases.

We have been reluctant to ask for donations in the past, because we’re not in this for personal gain. But, this is an emergency: we need your financial support to replace McCabe’s computer and keep Imprudence development running smoothly!

You can donate with a credit card or Paypal account using the button below, or send L$ to McCabe Maxsted in Second Life. Any amount you can spare would be a great help. Thank you!

Update: Thanks to our mind-bogglingly generous users, we have already met and exceeded our target amount several times over, in just a single day of fundraising! We no longer need more funds to replace McCabe’s computer, but if you still feel like donating, we will find other ways to use the money to support Imprudence development.

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.02

Imprudence Experimental 2010.10.02 is now released! As you will see, not many new features, but an incredible load of patches and fixes for many common issues. More goodies to come next week, of course, but we are hoping this build will be much more stable and polished. Of course this is an Experimental build, if you got any bugs to report, please do so in our feedback forum thread.


Things we would like feedback on:

  • About Landmark was causing crashes
  • Linden trees appeared white or grey
  • Voice disconnect related crashes
  • Snapshot related crashes (apart Hires related, we already know about that one)

New features:

  • Enabled friends chat and keywords highlighting for both IMs and Group IMs.
  • Added handler for new OpenSim function “OpenRegionInfo”, more info at


  • Advanced > Logout now works again.
  • Changed ResetFocusOnSelfClick to default to false.
  • Show start location on the login screen by default.
  • Chat translator ignores non-interesting translations (empty or same as original) that may result from Google. Translate’s language autodetect failure.
  • Context translator: default to enabled.
  • Changes the search system, so it matches the keyword against name or surname initials.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix: Added safety checks to the snapshot window as well as a few backported changes from Viewer 2.
  • Fix: Double-click teleport: Clean up duplicated (and subtly and needlessly different) code. Keep the camera heading in inter-sim double-click teleport in a hackish way, since SL sims give LookAt info that is kind of random in AgentMovementComplete.
  • Fix: Default setting for grass/tree type was “Random”, but it’s supposed to be an integer.
  • Fix: Added empty indra/cmake/CMakeLists.txt to suppress a CMake 2.8 warning.
  • Fix: Ported gSavedSettings changes from Emerald (as well as modifying a few of ours).
  • Fix: Converted XUI files to unix line endings, again.
  • Fix: Too many bug fixes to the inline translator to list here (thanks Thickbrick).
  • Fix: Friendlist not cleared on logout.
  • Fix: Crash on logout.
  • Fix: Don’t play balance changed ui-sound when relogging into account with different balance.
  • VWR-12984: Water flickers and disappears in patches (thanks Aleric).
  • SNOW-220: Don’t rely on indexed color extension.
  • VWR-14426: Link step fails on Linux when LDFLAGS is set.
  • SNOW-86: Dangerous macro leads to possible wrong code.
  • #501: Fix for “about landmark” crash when invoking it on a freshly received landmark.
  • #513: Attempt to fix white/grey cached trees + grass white (works on Opensim, to be tested in SL).
  • #573: FindTut.cmake is missing: tut.h is not searched for.
  • #567: install.xml contains Linden Lab “local” sources.
  • #565: Building the package/ directory fails for standalone.
  • #562: SNOW-422: Imprudence doesn’t compile with g++ 4.4.x
  • #561: Optimization flags used during –Type=Debug (linux x86_64)
  • #556: SNOW-800: Massively duplicated objects.
  • #554: SNOW-623: Add support for boost 1.42
  • #553: SNOW-766: Add a ‘printbuilddirs’ command to
  • #552: VWR-12838: NDOF is assumed to exist, even with –standalone.
  • #566: doc/contributions.txt clean up.
  • #581: SNOW-796: Clicking ‘Reset to default’ in the Debug Settings floater doesn’t update cached control values.
  • #579: SNOW-751: ‘configure’ with cmake 2.8 is extremely slow.
  • #578: SNOW-744: scripts/ –uninstall does not remove symbolic links.
  • #577: SNOW-477: Wrong string raw_file in strings.xml for RAW file.
  • #576: SNOW-415: Viewer prints always “WARNING: cleanup: Quitting with pending background tasks”.
  • #575: VWR-13040: LLObjectSelection::valid_root_begin() is really the same as LLObjectSelection::root_begin().
  • #583: Fix missing “Open” in context menu on notecards in inventory.
  • #489: added /LARGEADDRESSAWARE to the Windows linker command line settings.
  • #568: reload balance option in the advanced menu. Patch originally from Phoenix. We’ve modified it to support our currency changes, too. (thanks Ansariel Hiller)
  • #544: Mac OS X – missing security framework import in weekly keychain support (thanks Caer).
  • #413: 1.3 Logout: crash when cancelling currency purchase.
  • #390: Logout: snapshot window doesn’t close when logging out.
  • #381: using voice causes viewer crash on disconnect/quit.
  • #355: More sanity checks in OpenJPEG decodes.

More website maintenance

It’s time for another round of server maintenance! There may be some turbulence as things settle down, then everything should be back to normal. If after a day or so, you notice any strange site errors (403, 404, 500, etc.), missing pages, or links that don’t work — please let me know! You can leave a blog comment, forum post, or email (jacek at to get in touch with me.

No new Experimental this week

Just a quick post to mention that there is no new Experimental this week (2010-09-25). McCabe has been very busy with RL stuff, and I’ve been busy finishing up the 1.3 final release, so we haven’t had time to get everything together this week. A new Experimental will be available next weekend.

Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 Released

Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 is now available! This is expected to be the final release candidate in the 1.3 series. If there are no new major issues in this RC, Imprudence 1.3.0 final will follow later this week.

The purpose of these release candidates is to make the final release as solid, polished, and reliable as we can. That means we intentionally do not add many new features during the RC process. If you’re itching for shiny new features and other bleeding-edge (and potentially unstable) changes, we suggest testing the new Experimentals each weekend.

As always, we ask that you post your feedback in the forums. We rely on your reports and feedback to make Imprudence better!

Imprudence 1.3.0 RC3 release highlights:

  • Imprudence now uses the Droid Sans font by default, instead of Liberation Sans.
  • A new Fonts tab has been added to Preferences, where you can select from four included fonts: Droid Sans, DejaVu Sans, Delicious, and Liberation Sans. More flexible font controls are planned for a future version.
  • Imprudence now loads world map image tiles using HTTP when available. This improves the map loading speed on platforms that support it, e.g. Second Life. (It was intented to address the gray Second Life world map issue, but that issue has also been fixed on the server side.) Thanks to Henri Beauchamp for this patch!
  • Added the UseLegacyChatLogsFolder debug setting. If set to TRUE in Advanced > Debug Settings, Imprudence will save chat and IM logs in the old (non-grid-specific) location, as it did prior to 1.3.0 RC2.
  • Many bug fixes, including fixes for login errors, disappearing inventory search results, crashes with Make Outfit, and more. Read the release notes for the full list!



Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.09.18


New Features:

  • Friends/Groups are now searchable (thanks McCabe).

  • Complete fine tuning of Group Notices, Group Chat and Group Visibility in the Group management window (thanks McCabe).

  • Added autocomplete for avatar names. Start typing a name in the chatbar then press TAB to cycle through potential matches (thanks Elektra).

  • Added three “nick”s to also highlight when “show your name as colored chat” is enabled (Thanks Elektra).

  • Added “Add Friend” to the profile button pulldown.
  • Added notification when land you’re trying to buy conflicts with your maturity settings.
  • Updated German translation of the UI (work in progress).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix that works around LL’s current broken map. Imprudence now uses HTTP map textures when available.
  • Fixed crash when downloading new dictionaries.
  • Fixed crash in the audio engine.
  • Fixed crash when using voice.
  • Fixed spell check appearing in places where it shouldn’t (the login screen, for example).
  • Fixed Hide Misspellings/Show Misspellings not re-enabling correctly.
  • Fixed double-click teleports from happening on touch-scripted objects.
  • Fixed IM history option for Macs.
  • Fixed UI scale button not resetting to the correct default.
  • Fixed tool box showing up at random, and touch/grab not working after login
  • Fixed LIB_JPEG CMake issue when compiling on a Mac.
  • Fixed hardcoded “L$” in the god tools windows.


  • Animation upload preview now defaults to enabled.
  • Added links to the Imprudence blog and forums to the login screen menu.
  • Rewrote the spellchecking preferences some.
  • Re-added the Alt+H shortcut for Teleport History.
  • Some tiny tweaks to the profile layout.
  • Land auctions can now be held on OpenSim, provided you have the proper privileges.

For any comments or feedback on this release, please post in the appropriate thread in the forums! Thanks!

Regarding LLKDU

Yesterday afternoon, Linden Lab held a meeting of third-party viewer developers to inform us of some policy changes and implications for open-source viewers. One significant issue is that Linden Lab now considers the use of the LLKDU image decoder library by GPL-licensed third-party viewers (such as Imprudence) to be a violation of the GPL. Therefore, all GPL-licensed third-party viewers have been instructed to remove the ability to load and use LLKDU.

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