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A Quick Clarification about Kokua Sim / Aurora

It seems that in my excitement to announce the big news about Kokua, I misunderstood the current status of Kokua Sim, also known as Aurora. Woops!

My apologies for the confusion, and please enjoy Kokua Sim / Aurora! :)

Announcing the Kokua Project (Updated)

We are very excited to announce a new stage of our project’s development: the Imprudence Project is becoming the Kokua Project!

As well as getting a shiny new name, we are also gaining a new team member, and expanding the scope of our project. We will soon be offering two companion pieces of software: Kokua Viewer, and Kokua Sim.

Kokua Viewer is the spiritual successor to the Imprudence Viewer, but using the latest SL Viewer 2 source as the starting point. Many of the improvements we have made in Imprudence will be carried forward to Kokua Viewer, and we will be applying the same dedication to creating high-quality, usable software that we have put into Imprudence for the past two years. If you are not a fan of the Viewer 2 UI, rest assured that we will be putting a lot of effort into making it more usable, and you will have plenty of opportunity to give us feedback about how it should be improved.

Kokua Sim (previously codenamed “Aurora”) is a new project based on OpenSim, spearheaded by our newest team member, Revolution Smythe. The focus of Kokua Sim will be on making more polished sim software that “just works” for the average user. We will also be creating new features, driving sim development towards a better virtual worlds experience. Kokua Sim has been in development under the radar for quite some time, and already has tons of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes compared to vanilla OpenSim. Update: “Kokua Sim” will be keeping its original name, Aurora.

By having both the viewer and sim developed by the same project, we will be able to closely coordinate our efforts, even to the point of having the same developers work on both the server-side and viewer-side parts of a new feature. This will greatly reduce the barrier to developing exciting new features that require support on both sides.

That said, we plan for Kokua Viewer to remain fully compatible with Second Life and non-Kokua flavors of OpenSim. Likewise, Kokua Sim will work with other viewers, but they may not be able to provide the richest experience possible. When you combine Kokua Viewer with Kokua Sim, the result will really shine!

With such exciting new things happening simultaneously, this is a time of change and renewal for the project. It is a fresh start in many ways, and we feel this is a good opportunity to renovate the project, giving it a new, more fitting name.

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No Experimental This Week

There won’t be any Experimental Week this week, while we work on several key issues with the media system. In the meantime, I highly recommend giving 10.23 a try. Also, if you feel like helping out we’re looking for volunteers for our support team! Cheers!

Help wanted: Support team

We are looking for friendly volunteer people to help our users in forums, IRC, and inworld groups on as many grids as possible. We need people with a good technical background, that can file bug reports or help users in any ways they can. Multilingual people would be most than welcome, and obviously, a good technical background about the usual viewer issues would be a plus.

Please contact CodeBastard Redgrave if you would be interested to help. I can be emailed at Please include your avatar name(s) and on which grid(s) you can help, languages you can speak, your usual availabilities, and your platform (Win, Mac, or Linux).

Looking forward to hear from you!

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.23


New Features:

  • Imported Qarl’s prim align tool:
  • Added two new options in Preferences > Fonts to adjust font sizes. (Note: increasing the font size too much may cause some parts of the UI to mess up or look bad.)
  • Updated script editor tooltips to match OpenSim 0.7.
  • Added more German translations from Eryn.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the mouse not being able to interact with the world after using snapshot freeze frame.
  • Several fixes and improvements to make HTTP texture fetching more reliable.
  • Fixed the options in Preferences > Communicate being grayed out when the server doesn’t send you some information (i.e. on OpenSim).
  • Viewer no longer prints out a useless debugging callstack when it exits normally, only when there is a problem.
  • Fixed some miscellaneous debug warnings.


  • Mac version now defaults to compiling with SSE3 and SSE4, GCC-4.2, and the OS X 10.5 SDK.
  • Viewer no longer pops up a Vivox agreement window on your first login if you are logging in to a non-SL grid.
  • Changed some modal alerts in Preferences to “blue box” notifications instead.

If you have any issues with this release, please post them in the official forum thread. Thank you.

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.17

There are a lot of important updates in this release. This will be our last Experimental until some big fixes/features come your way, so hopefully you guys give it a good run-through so we have a good base to compare things with. Remember: you can install the Experimentals side-by-side with the main release, they’re entirely optional.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We changed the location and name of the settings file for Experimental to avoid any conflict with the regular stable Imprudence settings file. Unfortunately that means re-doing your settings for Experimental as if it was freshly installed. You will only have to do this once as the change is permanent.

Here’s what’s new this week:


New Features:

  • Added support for viewing¬† Photoshop (PSD) and TIFF files as Local Textures on Macs.
  • Added support for direct uploads of Photoshop (PSD) and TIFF files on Macs.
  • The tools window now lists the link number of a selected prim when Edit Linked Parts is enabled.
  • Teleport History now has a “Clear History” button.
  • Friendship requests now show a “Profile” button, allowing you to view the profile of the person offering friendship.
  • Several new easter eggs. Gotta catch them all! ;)

Bug Fixes:

  • RLVa has been updated to 1.1.2. This should fix all the RLVa issues people have been having.
  • Fixed crash when uploading non-powers of two images on Macs.
  • Fixed #593: buy currency button overlaps amount when you become a millionaire.
  • Fixed #628: tab completion on names isn’t setting the cursor to a useful position.
  • Fixed #526: screen_last.bmp created in the root directory.
  • Fixed #634: name/owner not showing up in abuse reports.
  • Fixed several compile issues on Linux.
  • Fixed terrain textures rendering as “rainbow” when terrain detail is set to Low.
  • Fixed the “Apply” button not working as expected in the profile window.
  • Fixed the WindLight toolbar not selecting the right preset when first opened.
  • Inventory is no longer auto-fetched on login since the loading stops after a teleport. You can reenable the old behavior with the FetchInventoryOnLogin debug setting.
  • Fixed a memory leak in llcommon/llstring.h.
  • Fixed #77: urls in group notices not being clickable.


  • Spell check is no longer enabled in the script editor.
  • The Experimentals now use their own cache directory and settings files. This fixes settings issues when switching between the main release and the Experimental, such as cache clearing.
  • Accuracy of the texture spinners has been increased. Should make texturing objects a lot easier.
  • Python 2.7 can now be detected on Windows. This needs some testing if anyone’s up for it.
  • Avatar bakes now always use UDP instead of trying HTTP first.
  • Included more information about the GCC version being used.
  • Macs now use CoreGraphics when uploading textures, bypassing the viewer’s internal classes.
  • Windows now uses multi-core compiling by default.

Known Issues:

  • Inworld audio streams may crash when being changed, still. We’re workin’ on it.

If you have any issues with this release, please post them in the official forum thread. Thank you.

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2010.10.09

We are all giddy to bring you Imprudence Experimental 2010.10.09. A few very nice comfort features, several cool interface changes especially with fonts and the minimap that will make some people happy, and a flock of bug and crash fixes! Note that several big new features are coming next 2 weeks, critical ones, so please be patient. Of course, as this is an experimental build, please report any bugs or issues in the proper forum thread.


New features:

  • Implemented friends tags highlighting, including Preferences->General checkbox to enable/disable the feature. The font on the tags is rendered in bold when the option is active.
  • Preview temporary textures on upload (by Henri Beauchamp).
  • Enable building on any parcel if the agent has create powers in the land group. If the land is deeded the object is created with the agent active group, else it’s set to the land group by default. Also enables the build button when it should.


  • Reduced the minimum size of the minimap
  • Reduced the max width and height for the snapshot window to hopefully lower the crash rate a little
  • Removed the base SL version from the About Imprudence floater.
  • Use integer font sizes to avoid blurriness on some systems.
  • Tiny layout tweaks to accommodate different font widths.
  • Removed persist for HighResSnapshot setting as it causes crash loops when enabled and opening the snapshot window with bad settings

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed (again) how libjpeg is found on Mac. (#256/#464)
  • Possible fix for an infinite loop in LLTextureCache.
  • Fixed #157: Group lists get merged after logging into multiple grids
  • Fixed RezWithLandGroup not working when shift-dragging prims (from Henri Beauchamp and the Cool Viewer)
  • Fixed SL TOS not loading and causing users to be blocked there or crash
  • Fix RED-603: Errors when loading local images
  • Fix bug #611: Context menu spell checker suggestions broken.
  • Allow build under Mac OS X 10.6 SDK by removing deprecated things.
  • RED-429: Link against prebuilt libraries / always use gtk-related system libs (linux)
  • Fix bug #612: Option to highlight misspeld words doesn’t persist between sessions.
  • Don’t leak SpellMenuBind structs when destroying LLLineEditor/LLTextEditor objects.

Thank You to Everyone Who Donated

We tend to use this blog for more official postings, but I just wanted to express my personal gratitude to everyone who donated this week to help me get a new development machine. In under 24 hours, the money was raised, and I’m both awed and humbled by your support. From the bottom of my heart, it’s appreciated.

The new computer–which I’ve nicknamed “Impy”–should arrive Monday afternoon, and I’ll be sure to post pictures once it does! (Sadly, I couldn’t find one in purple.)¬†Until then, thanks again. You guys are the reason we do this :)

McCabe Maxsted

Imprudence 1.3.0 Released

At long last, Imprudence 1.3.0 is available! This is the culmination of a year of development effort, and boy are we glad to finally get it released! It doesn’t have all the shiny new features that the Experimentals do, but this is still an important milestone in the Imprudence development roadmap.

This release contains many bug fixes and other polish compared to 1.3.0 RC3. If you are using 1.2 or any of the 1.3 RCs or betas, we encourage you to upgrade to this new release. If you are currently using the Experimentals, there’s no need for you to download this release.

As always, we ask that you post your feedback in the forums. We rely on your reports and feedback to make Imprudence better!

If you’re new to Imprudence and curious what makes us different, our features list and manifesto (mission statement) are good places to start reading.



Bug with Second Life TOS acceptation (Fix now available)

Hello dear Imprudents!

We have been informed of a weird bug affecting Imprudence’s ability to accept a new TOS for SecondLife. The SL TOS page is just not loading correctly and some people will either be stuck at the acceptance page or can potentially crash. The developers are aware of the issue and will apply a fix this week that will go both in the latest 1.3.0 branch and 1.4.0 Experimental.

A temporary workaround is simple: use another viewer to accept the TOS, then relog in Imprudence, and everything should be working fine.

PS: You DO NOT need to download Viewer 2.x to do so! Any old viewer will work. We recommend the text based Radegast to login and accept the policy change.

We apologize for that glitch and any inconvenience, and we thank you for your great patience with that matter.

Codie, Community Liaison for Imprudence Viewer

UPDATE: A hotfix is now available for the most recent Experimental release: