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Kokua 3.6.0 is released.

Kokua 3.6.0 is released.

Release highlights:

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.6.0 which is the materials viewer release. Build tools texture tab has changed.
Texture tab as a materials control.
Media texture controls are somewhat hidden.
Texture tab as a media texture control
User Interface (UI) enhancements (comments welcome)
Jessica Wabbit contributed Private Look at/Point at, a Cat mode on/off toggle and a date formatting change.
The added menu selections are at Develop->Avatar
Look at Point at Cat mode
Enhanced build tool with copy / paste of build parameters ported from Zen viewer as its implementation was newer than other LGPL licensed viewers and then completed the feature with fine tuning tweaks from Firestorm.
Build tools
For the frustrated “where the heck is it?” user, a Commands top menu entry as been added. At top are those commands that I knew had changed locations with different viewers. This can be programmed with changes if needed. Such as, add the shortcut for close windows to the top section. Please put these change requests in the issue tracker.
Commands menu
Chat bar as command line feature ported from initial Firestorm work and then gutted and added to. The description of the commands is in the Commands menu. The on and off toggle of Chat Entered Commands turns chat as command line feature on and off and controls visibility of the listed command descriptions. That is the only entry in the list of commands that is active. The other entries in the list are the chat entry commands to use. The chat entry command descriptions in other viewers are in preferences. This approach provides quicker access to the command descriptions.
There are eye sight / migraine headache generator changes. Some notifications are defaulted to be off to cut down on the excess of flashing lights that usually occur at log on. If the notifications are more important than flashing lights please adjust to on in preferences. A font size slider as been added to preference just below the UI size slider. Changes to font size require a viewer restart. Hopefully, UI size and Font size can be tuned for a better viewing experience.
Prim import / export ported from Firestorm / Techwolf Lupindo. When using export if you do not meet the creator / owner rules of the grid it will appear to be exporting but, in fact it is a silent fail. The xml file will not be present.


Hope Everyone Had A Happy 4th of July

Yesterday, those of us here in America celebrated our Independence Day with fireworks, family, and a three day weekend! But no matter where you are, I hope it was a good day for you :)

Now, back to the compilers!

Calling All Windows + ATI Users: Test Boy Lane’s Cool Viewer!

Boy Lane has put out a call for Windows users with ATI graphics cards to try out the latest test build of her Cool Viewer.

Her build incorporates Luricos Alderton patch for VWR-12540, and apparently some users are seeing a 40-100% increase in graphics performance on ATI cards!

Luricos’ and Boy’s efforts on this issue will benefit users of all viewer variants, so I encourage everyone to test it out and let Boy know how well it works for you!