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Issue tracker move to SourceForge

As announced some time ago we are moving our back end server modules to Onefang has been the lead for this effort. The issue tracker is now live on SourceForge. New tickets and updates to old issues should use the new SourceForge ticket trackers.

The Imprudence ones are at –

The Kokua ones are at –

All the rest (not many) are merged into one tracker at –

So the SourceForge Allura ticket system should now be considered live, and the Redmine issue system should be considered an historical archive.

Some known issues are listed at –

Problems with the conversion may reported as comments to this post.

Imprudence and Kokua are in process of moving.

Several months ago Imprudence and Kokua teams (team purple) decided to move to SourceForge for our server hosted activities. Some of you may have noticed that Kokua downloads are now present on Bitbucket and SourceForge sites. Our plans are to move forward with phased moves to SourceForge. We have on SourceForge a team-purple project that has Imprudence viewer and Kokua viewer sub projects. Team purple will host activities that are common to both Imprudence and Kokua. For example, prebuilt libraries will be hosted on team purple. There are quiet a few “gotchas” involved in this move. We are asking for patience while we work through the moves. The first move will place downloads under SourceForge’s File Release System (FRS) and will follow shortly thereafter. As an example of the benefits, a file upload from 3 days ago has been replicated to 17 mirror locations. Hopefully, many mirrors will provide a better download experience.

Here are links to Team Purple, Imprudence and Kokua SourcForge locations.

Third Party Viewer developer meeting notes.

Oz Linden is very interested in having users update to a Server Side Appearance (SSA) capable viewer. He quoted stats (number and four zeros) of users still using older versions. When first reported the issue of a non-SSA capable viewer on an SSA enabled grid was that avatars would appear grey. In the past few days an issue was found where skin and eyes became corrupted and could not recovered while using a Phoenix viewer on an SSA enabled region. Details. LL is trying to find a solution but, that is likely a one-off effort and after launch they do not intend to give any time toward solving issues with the older viewers.

LL’s server side appearance blog announcement is here.

Kokua versions 3.5.1 forward are SSA capable.

Imprudence viewers are not yet SSA ready.

LL also announced the Materials Viewer is in beta. The blog post is here.

None of those features are Kokua. The code for the materials viewer just recently became public.

Comments about materials viewer and interest in having Kokua materials capable are welcome.

Imprudence experimental 1 is released –mac version is now available.

By onefang rejected:

Mac OS X Intel

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

Original post.

Imprudence experimental 1 is released.

By onefang rejected:

Release highlights:

More build clean ups.

Made the Windows installer and build system more like other OSes.

Added Windows nmake builds using Cygwin. Windows building is now fully scriptable like Linux builds. With some help from Robin Cornelius.

Added compatibility with V3 autobuild libraries.

Updated boost on Linux to 1.52.

Fixed a startup crash on recent Linux machines, thanks to Johnnie Carling.

Fixed a crash when creating a new Inventory folder, particularly when creating outfits, thanks to Kentron Katana.

Fixed shadow Frustra missing from Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Display.

Fixed Inventory “Cut” and “Paste” deletes inventory item instead of moving it.

Fixed registering secondlife:// handler with KDE, thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford.

Various fixes to the edit tools radio button group, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Added ‘Show hidden selection’ and similar things to the advanced build options.

Added new communication channel urls to the viewer’s Help menu.

Updated the basic graphics detail sliders. Graphics cards have moved on in recent years, now we can bump the detail up more.

Removed hotkeys for obscure debugging stuff.

Updated credits.

Updated the release notes for 1.4.0 beta 1 and 2.

You can download binaries and source code from –

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

Imprudence experimental release exp 0.

By: onefang rejected

Finally there is movement from the Imprudence developers with the release an experimental build called “Imprudence exp 0”. There will be additional experimental releases based on progress and time to make them. Work continues toward a beta 3 release soon, followed by the usual release candidates, then an actual full release of Imprudence 1.4.0.

A quick summary of the changes –

Many bug fixes since the last 1.4.0 beta 2 release (see the source code commit log for details), thanks to Armin Weatherwax, Beeks, Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxstead, Nicky Perian, and onefang.

Ported inventory category capability from LL, thanks to Henri Beauchamp and Armin Weatherwax.

Converted to the ISS installer for Windows, thanks to McCabe Maxstead.

The removal of the translate feature (it used a Google service that was withdrawn by Google).

Added Linux build scripts (they almost work for Cygwin to, still working on that).

Simplified the build process a little, and made it more consistent.

Changed the storage methods for users passwords to patch up security a little. NOTICE – this may cause problems if you move back and forth between viewer versions. Recommend backup of your old grid_info.xml file. Storage of grid_info.xml varies depending on OS and other things. Blame onefang.

Fixed building under Mac OS X, thanks to Mimika Oh, Nemurimasu Neiro, and to team member Kentron Katana for building this experimental.

Fixed building under gcc 4.5.2, thanks to Lord Drakeo.

Added a MOAP radar, thanks to Robin Cornelius (full MOAP support coming soon).

Updated the grid list to match Kokua, thanks to Nicky Perian.

Various code and build system clean ups, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Apologies if I missed any thanks, it’s been a long time.

You can download binaries and source code from –

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (commit for this release)

So Long Viewer Nametags Says LL

I have a couple different update to get out to you this week, and those will be coming over the next few days, but first and foremost we want to let you all know about a change by LL to all TPVs (Kokua, Imprudence, Phoenix, Firestorm, Etc) that will affect us all. As stated by Oz Linden, LL has updated their Third Party Viewer policy by restricting some capabilities. These changes were made in the interest of user privacy according to LL and will be taking effect this week (The changes are largely server side). The changes to policy are as follows…

  • You must not provide any feature that circumvents any privacy protection option made available through a Linden Lab viewer or any Second Life service.
  • You must not display any information regarding the computer system, software, or network connection of any other Second Life user.
  • You must not include any information regarding the computer system, software, or network connection of the user in any messages sent to other viewers, except when explicitly elected by the user of your viewer.
  • You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer.

This will effect different viewers in different ways, and it’s recommended you check your favorite viewers blog for statements on what will change. For our family of Purple Viewers (Kokua/Imprudence) the NameTags ability will cease to function this week, and be removed from the viewer in future updates. This does not mean you won’t be able to see people’s names anymore, what it means is that extra line under their name that shows what viewer they are on, and is colored purple if it’s Imprudence for example; that will no longer work.

There are of course implications beyond this for future development of TPVs, and this is only for Second Life not OpenSim so we may have a detection/switch if decide to keep it working on OpenSim. But for now at least, if you’re in Second Life on a Purple viewer, expect this feature to cease functioning if it hasn’t already.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone, this one is out of our hands.

Imprudence Townhall, Volunteer To Dev/Test!

Volunteer to be a Dev/Tester/Etc for Imprudence (Not Kokua)

Sunday February 26th @ 20:00 UTC / 12:00pm Noon Pacific

Hoagie Sim @ 3rd Rock Grid

As many if not all of you are now aware, after a lot of input from the public and our own discussion and thoughts on the matter, the current team has decided to move ahead with Kokua development to the exclusion of Imprudence. However we wanted to find an answer for our users who still prefer/rely on Imprudence but we weren’t sure what that was going to be, which was why after the town hall we stated the future of Imprudence was still to be decided. One developer outside our team had desired to join us or some time now, but he wanted to work on Imprudence not Kokua. Some of you may be able to guess that his person was onefang rejected, create of Meta-Impy. This gave us a series of options on how to proceed with either depreciating or continuing support for Imprudence.

There was much internal discussion on how this should be handled, we definitely wanted to move the existing team to Kokua. This extra help certainly meant we could at a minimum push out a final 1.4 release of Imprudence, but was it possible to do more? We decided to take a chance, and for the first time create two teams under the Kokua/Imprudence project (Perhaps we should call it Team Purple to simplify the joint name); the existing team members would work on Kokua and a new team of separate devs would continue work on Imprudence. These would be devs who would otherwise not work on Kokua, and the Kokua devs would largely not involve themselves with development of Imprudence as Kokua is now the flagship project (Though we’ll have occasional joint meetings and try to help each other of course). So it was decided to invite onefang rejected to join the team as the head of the Imprudence project, he’ll have to staff his team with devs and volunteers who are passionate about Imprudence like himself, so for all of you who love Imprudence he’ll need your help.

Thus we will be holding an Imprudence town hall of sorts, this Sunday February 26th at 20:00 UTC (That’s 12:00pm Noon Pacific) at our usual meeting place on the Hoagie sim of the 3rd Rock Grid. The purpose of said meeting will be to enlist volunteers to help develop and test Imprudence going forward, and to decide what direction to take it in. However unlike the recent Kokua reorganization, this will not be a “reboot” of the project but a continuation. So for all of you out there who lamented the “death” of Imprudence, here is your chance. Join us this Sunday, be you a potential developer or tester and help us to bring Imprudence into the future alongside Kokua.

Results Of All Hands Meeting

This last weekend we had our all hands meeting where we discussed the fate and direction of the project going forward. I’m pleased to say that the meeting was well attended not only by team members but the public as well. A few of us even met for the first time as not everyone is able to make the regular meeting due to scheduling conflicts. You’ll find a full transcript of the meeting on our wiki but I’ve included a summary of what was decided for convenience.

We’re going to continue to develop Third Party viewers with a focus on cross supporting Second Life and OpenSim/Aurora. However we’re going to focus on Kokua in the future, the ultimate fate of Imprudence is still undecided though as we may push for a final 1.4 release but nothing that takes up too much of our time. Kokua will use Second Life v3.2 as a base, we feel the LL code for v3.2 has matured greatly beyond v2 and v3 and we’ll of course make our own modifications to it to make it more “purple” in flavor. It is also our intent to finalize the name change from Imprudence to Kokua, Imprudence and Kokua are separate viewers and the project has historically been called the Imprudence project. The intent was to switch from Imprudence to Kokua as the next generation client was released but it has been dragged out for quite a while now and caused confusion, so we’re going to finish the change over to Kokua.

It’s also our intent to give a fresh face to our web presence, to update the look and feel of the blog and forum, and possibly eliminate some section like the rarely used Q&A sub-site. Our hope is that this will make it easier for users to navigate our online infrastructure and find the information or support they need. This may include the addition of a few simple tutorials about how to use the client and how to connect to grids besides Second Life proper.

Windows 32bit, Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit will be the three platforms we focus on primarily. We’ll make an effort to get out a Windows 64bit and Mac client down the line, but right now we need to focus on getting things rolling and these best fit our users demographics. We’re supporting two flavors of Linux because our devs use both Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit, plus it’s a big PITA run the 32bit client on Linux 64bit so we’ll continue to make a Linux 64bit client available. Regarding Windows, at first we’ll only provide a 32bit client (With SSE optimizations) as we have been doing already, the necessity of a 64bit client on Windows is questionable as the client can’t quite make use of all that ram (Yet, but that can change), plus Windows 64bit OSes can easily run 32bit programs. Still we would like to release a Windows 64bit version at some point to try to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately we still don’t have a Mac developer and thus can not support the platform, we’d like this to change but it is the state of things for now.

There are other matters besides these that were discussed at the meeting, I encourage you to read the meeting transcript on the wiki if your curious.


What’s Next..?

Here at Imprudence we’ve been juggling several issues, trying to develop two different clients at the same time (Imprudence and Kokua) for three different platforms in 32bit and 64bit flavors. not to mention supporting not only the Second Life grid but all the various OpenSim grids as best we can. We think we’ve made some pretty awesome viewers but lately we’re also become stagnant as we’ve been weighted down by trying to juggle all these various things. It seems we may have over extended ourselves a bit and to fix that we need to refocus and simplify. Thus in the coming weeks we will be holding an all-hands team meeting for all Imprudence/Kokua team members, be they Dev or Support, where we will discuss what’s working and what isn’t and what we plan to do about it (Details have already been sent to all team members).

But we’d like to hear your input as well, as we make these viewers for you our users after all. Tell us what makes Imprudence special for you, what draws you to this particular Third Party Viewer over others and what you would like to see going forward.  How do you use Imprudence, and how do you use other viewers even the official one? What do you like about them, what don’t you like, and how is that similar or different from Imprudence. Do you use OpenSim, Aurora or any other alternative grids, even your own local grid? Is there anything you think that Third Party Viewers are missing that would make them easier or more productive for people? What about the site itself, this blog, the forum, the wiki and etc, how can we improve it?

While we can’t make any promises about addressing every issue, we will try to discuss any points made here in the comments.