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Help Wanted: Project Organizer, Developers

The Kokua/Imprudence Project is looking for several volunteers to join our team! Besides finding some people to take over some of my responsibilities after I retire, we also hope to attract more developers, so that we can gear up development on Kokua.

Our team is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers; this is purely a labor of love. You will have the opportunity to gain experience and hone your skills, while being part of a team of wonderful people, creating great software used by thousands of people! :)

If you are interested in any of these roles, contact

Project Organizer

We are looking for a dedicated volunteer to help with project organization. The project organizer will be responsible for running our weekly meetings, keeping track of project progress, posting status updates on the blog, and generally making sure that things keep moving along smoothly. This role does not require any sort of programming skills, but does require excellent organizational and management skills, and good English writing skills. The project organizer should be able to dedicate 5–10 hours per week to this project.

Mac Developer

We are looking for an experienced Mac developer to join our team. In addition to helping with general development (i.e. creating new features, fixing bugs, etc.), this developer would be responsible for preparing Mac releases of the viewer, porting/testing viewer features on Mac as necessary, investigating Mac-related bugs, and developing and maintaining Mac-specific features.

Additional Developers

In addition to a Mac developer, we would like to add several more developers to our team, so that we can speed up the pace of development on Kokua. Ideally, developers should have some prior experience with C++ or similar programming languages. Most importantly, developers should have enthusiasm for participating in virtual worlds; a drive to create high quality, easy to use software; as well as respect for other people, and a desire to understand their needs.

It is up to each developer to decide how much time and energy they can invest in the project, but active developers are generally expected to be able to dedicate at least 10 hours per month on development and maintenance of the viewer software. Of course, even if you can’t dedicate yourself to being a full-fledged team member, we still greatly appreciate patches and other contributions from the community. :)

Help wanted: Support team

We are looking for friendly volunteer people to help our users in forums, IRC, and inworld groups on as many grids as possible. We need people with a good technical background, that can file bug reports or help users in any ways they can. Multilingual people would be most than welcome, and obviously, a good technical background about the usual viewer issues would be a plus.

Please contact CodeBastard Redgrave if you would be interested to help. I can be emailed at Please include your avatar name(s) and on which grid(s) you can help, languages you can speak, your usual availabilities, and your platform (Win, Mac, or Linux).

Looking forward to hear from you!

Mac Developer Needed!

Greetings and happy new year, everyone! I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately — a series of computer hardware failures stole three weeks of Imprudence development time from me, starting right after we released 1.0.0. Phooey! But my computer is all better now, so it’s back to work for me.

Happily, McCabe has been marching along during that time, and as you can see from his latest post, sound (and even video!) is now working great on Windows! Even with my lost time, I think we should still be able to have an RC ready before the end of January.

The biggest problem now, though, is that we have no Mac developer! Sound isn’t functional on Mac — and worse, no progress is being made. We’ve simply got no one who can work on it.

Wherever possible, we try to have the same features available on all platforms. As a Linux user for many years, I know how it feels to be excluded because of your choice of operating system, and I’m not keen to put anyone else in that position. But it wouldn’t be right to hold back the other platforms indefinitely, waiting for help that may never come — we’d have to move forward, with the Mac version remaining silent.

But I hope it won’t come to that. I hope that someone with experience writing, compiling, linking, and debugging C++ programs on a Mac will step up soon and help their fellow Mac users out.