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Kokua- Test

Kokua- Test is ready for download and testing. Normally, we don’t announce test viewer availability but, this viewer fixes Experience Profiles for SL users and handles the My Suitcase folder for OpenSim users. The My Suitcase patch was submitted to Kokua and other OpenSim viewer projects by Cinder Roxley. Since this Kokua Test viewer effects potentially more than just a few users I felt the blog announcement appropriate.

Download links:

MD5 011ee3d92f4da87496de20f580019d5f *Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i386.dmg

Linux 32 bit
MD5 63a5ba91078c6c8480bba8d623a62a19 Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i686.tar.bz2

Linux 64 bit
MD5 83eef049db3474cd080b3eed1447a3a5 *Kokua_NT_64_Test_3_8_3_38326_x86_64.tar.bz2

MD5 6611b2f890942e6ddbe4db66bd675098 *Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i686_Setup.exe

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KokuaNT Mac version is available for testing

Thanks to Kokua user Gavin Hird we have a KokuaNT (new tools) Mac version available for testing.
Gavin develops an OpenSim grid which uses Mac as its server host. His xmir grid is Hypergrid capable. Additional information is available at the xmir blog.

KokuaNT Mac download link is here.

For those interested in the steps to construct the build please see Ticket #356.


Kokua is now merged with Marine Kelley’s RLV viewer. Planned release is in January 2015. In the meantime those wanting an early look can download and install a test version from . Different RLV settings exist internal to this viewer than the current Kokua release so, we recommend a clean install. By default, RLV is disabled. Enable through Advanced -> RLV Enable / Disable main menu selection then, restart the viewer. Hopefully, there will be users / testers that will leave it disabled as both disabled and enabled modes need testing.

Reasoning for this change:

Marine Kelley keeps her RLV viewer very close to the SecondLife viewer code base. Thus, simplifying Kokua’s upstream merge effort.

Linux users of Kokua.

Issues with starting Kokua have been reported on some distributions that did not show up while testing the viewer on debian or ubuntu.

Slackware and Linux Mint 17 seem to be affected.

Slackware did not tolerate the absence of gridargs.dat.

Mint script commands did not interpret library paths.

Attached file kokua.txt at ticket #305 is a replacement ./kokua script. This is in a .txt file so it would be best to use as a guide to edit or copy/paste into
your live ./kokua script. The file is also in Files->Weekly on Sourceforge.

This change will be in the Weekly viewer downloads next week.

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-21

For those who are new to Imprudence, each week we take the latest code and release it to the community in a testing version. Sometimes these have unexpected bugs. Often they have they latest fixes. As with all test releases, your mileage will vary from week to week. In other words:

This Version Is Not Guaranteed.

If you want the latest stable release of Imprudence, download Imprudence 1.3.0 RC1. It’s quite good, and soon we’ll be following it with RC2. However, if you want to help us test the latest batch of fixes and other code changes, download the weekly release linked below. Helping us try out the weeklies helps everyone have a better viewer experience.

Here’re the latest changes in this week’s weekly (note: when you first run this version it’ll clear your cache. This is okay and the expected behavior):

New Features:

  • Added “Teleport to Ground” option in the Advanced menu, by popular request.
  • Profiles now show an avatar’s age next to their rezday.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed trees rendering white even after having loaded (reverts a fix for http textures loading as blurry/invisible).
  • Fixed “select texture” image rendering as white.
  • Fixed inworld audio sometimes not loading/stuttering on Windows.
  • Updated libndofdev support on Linux.
  • Potential fix for a crash when using http textures on Windows.
  • Fixed RLVa teleports (and numerous other RLVa bugs).
  • Fixed the font size in the script editor being too small.
  • Fixed missing constants in the script editor and added llGetLinkNumberO.
  • Fixed crash when writing to cache while using http textures.
  • Windows 7 is now properly detected.


  • Disabled ParticleChat by default, as it’s a privacy concern.
  • Tooltips/hovertips now load much faster.
  • Grid list is now pre-populated on install in case connecting to the website fails on startup.


Find an issue? Have a comment or an idea? Or just want to give us some general feedback? Post in the official forum thread.

P.S. if you’re looking for how to enable voice chat in Imprudence, go here.

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-14

Lots of nifty bug fixes this week, as well as some patch submissions, including a common feature request: Derender. I have to say, it’s exciting to see all the posts in the forums–keep up the great ideas and bug reports! :)


New Features:

  • Added “Reset Voice” button to Preferences > Voice for restarting voice connections.
  • Added “Derender” option to the pie menu. This will derender an object, attachment, or avatar in your client.
  • Web search URL can now be set in the grid manager. Setting the URL here overrides the viewer’s default.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed linden trees/grass not loading on OpenSim-based grids.
  • Fixed web search using the wrong default URL on OpenSim (i.e. not
  • Potential fix for a crash when using HTTP textures on Windows.
  • Fixed crash on logout/disconnect when voice is enabled (i.e. “settings mysteriously not being saved on quit”).
  • Fixed crash when logging in/teleporting with progress screens disabled.
  • Fixed master mute not muting gestures slider in the audio controls.
  • Fixed build math button overwriting some UI text.
  • Fixed missing WL_SUN_MOON_POSITION LightShare constant.
  • Fixed search > maturity rating using the wrong constant.
  • Fixed llkdu.dll loading fix missing from the last week’s (08-07) weekly.
  • Fixed packaging error on Windows.


  • Updated list of supported graphics cards.
  • SLURLs are now supported.

Please post any feedback or issues you have with this release in the official forum thread! Thanks!

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-08-07

For those who might be new to Imprudence, each week we release a weekly version that contains the latest features and bug fixes. These are test releases designed to ferret out bugs and provide us with early feedback, and are one of the main reasons why 1.3 RC1 is in the fine shape that it is. This week’s weekly is based on 1.3 RC1, and contains the following changes:

New Features:

  • Added menu option for toggling IM auto-responses: World > Auto-Respond to IMs.
  • Added “Gestures” slider to the audio controls. Gestures can now be muted or turned down (note: this only affects gestures triggered by other people).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for llkdu.dll not loading on some Windows systems (many thanks to Shige on the forums for tracking this one down).
  • Numerous fixes for downloading textures via HTTP (including File > Export not exporting textures when HTTP textures enabled).
  • Fixed Advanced preferences layout being off in 1.3 RC1.
  • Fixed Enable shadows checkbox not updating correctly.
  • Fixed crash when encountering textures with bogus properties.
  • Fixed certain sounds still not being played on mature regions.


  • Removed “About” button in Preferences. Use “Help > About Imprudence” instead.
  • Unknown clients are no longer listed as “Failure”.


Please post any feedback, bugs, or other issues in this week’s official forum thread! Thanks!

Also remember: 1.3 is now a release candidate. Changes you see in the weeklies may or may not be in the final version of 1.3. Don’t fret. They’ll turn up in a future version of Imprudence instead.

No Weekly release for 2010-07-31

We’re hard at work getting 1.3.0 RC1 together, so there will be no weekly this week (2010-07-31). Keep your eyes on this blog for updates, though! We’ll be sure to post as soon as Rc1 is ready :)

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-24

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. This week’s release is pretty minor, as not much has changed from the 07-17 weekly. Here’s what’s new:

New Features:

  • Added Advanced > Area Object Search for finding objects on a sim.
  • Added MU* pose style (“:” as an alternative to “/me”) and OOC “((” auto close chat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Potential fix that should improve avatar textures not loading.
  • Potential fix for being unable to relog after crashing on logout.
  • Fixed Events search layout being off.
  • Updated libndofdev Linux64 libs.


  • Moved “Limit Select Distance” from the Advanced menu to Advanced Build Options window.
  • Regrouped several options in the Advanced menu.


Please post any feedback or issues you have in the official forum thread! Thanks!

Imprudence Weekly Release: 2010-07-17

My apologizes for the delay in getting this week’s weekly up. Jacek got trapped on an island then mysteriously transported back to the 1970s, Armin invented a perpetual chocolate machine and was found three days later covered in a hard candy shell stamped with the Mars logo, and myself? Well, let’s just say Jayna’s not allowed anywhere near the Hall of Justice after the mess she made last night. Anyway, here’s what’s new this week:

New Features:

  • Notecards now have a File menu for importing/exporting text. (Note: currently, only text can be exported, not embedded items yet.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed LMs crashing after logout.
  • Fixed Advanced Build Options setting the default object size to 0.
  • Fixed View > Web Browser not opening.
  • Fixed web browser missing “Home” button.
  • Fixed leading 0 missing from log timestamps.
  • Fix for lag caused by audio engine stuttering.
  • Fixed default script export not using the file name.
  • Fixed missing notification when enabling Show Look At.
  • Fixed missing ignore button on IM and calling card notifications.
  • Fix that should improve avatar baking times.


  • The grid manager can now be accessed from Preferences > General.
  • Inworld sounds are now played regardless of a sim’s maturity setting.
  • Channel setting temporarily removed from Local Chat.


Please post any feedback for this week’s weekly in the official forum thread. Thanks!