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Imprudence experimental release exp 0.

By: onefang rejected

Finally there is movement from the Imprudence developers with the release an experimental build called “Imprudence exp 0”. There will be additional experimental releases based on progress and time to make them. Work continues toward a beta 3 release soon, followed by the usual release candidates, then an actual full release of Imprudence 1.4.0.

A quick summary of the changes –

Many bug fixes since the last 1.4.0 beta 2 release (see the source code commit log for details), thanks to Armin Weatherwax, Beeks, Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxstead, Nicky Perian, and onefang.

Ported inventory category capability from LL, thanks to Henri Beauchamp and Armin Weatherwax.

Converted to the ISS installer for Windows, thanks to McCabe Maxstead.

The removal of the translate feature (it used a Google service that was withdrawn by Google).

Added Linux build scripts (they almost work for Cygwin to, still working on that).

Simplified the build process a little, and made it more consistent.

Changed the storage methods for users passwords to patch up security a little. NOTICE – this may cause problems if you move back and forth between viewer versions. Recommend backup of your old grid_info.xml file. Storage of grid_info.xml varies depending on OS and other things. Blame onefang.

Fixed building under Mac OS X, thanks to Mimika Oh, Nemurimasu Neiro, and to team member Kentron Katana for building this experimental.

Fixed building under gcc 4.5.2, thanks to Lord Drakeo.

Added a MOAP radar, thanks to Robin Cornelius (full MOAP support coming soon).

Updated the grid list to match Kokua, thanks to Nicky Perian.

Various code and build system clean ups, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Apologies if I missed any thanks, it’s been a long time.

You can download binaries and source code from –

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (commit for this release)

Kokua Beta 3.5.1 is available for testing.

Kokua Beta 3.5.1 is available for testing. This has Server Side Avatar Baking (SSAB) merged into the recently released released Kokua-3.5.0. A recent question; “What does this mean for Opensim users?” and at the time the answer was hopefully it will be invisible to users. However, as Linden Lab (LL) worked SSAB they found and corrected a few client side baking bugs that had carry over to SSAB. Now the answer is hopefully improved avatar baking. Subjectively, it appears that first time res takes a little longer on non-SSAB regions. Downloads are on bitbucket.

Kokua-3.5.1 Merge of Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is complete and made available for testing.

Merge of Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is complete and made available for testing. This is an experimental viewer so, please review our testing best practices here. Please give this viewer as much use as possible with attention to recently added client AO and windlight capabilities. Also, regression testing of media and sound streaming is needed. Likes and dislikes can be reported in the comments to this post. Bugs need to be reported in our redmine bug tracker. Downloads are on bitbucket.

Linden Lab’s (LL) Communications Hub UI (CHUI) project is merged into Kokua Experimental viewers.

The Communication Hub UI  has Instant Messaging , Chat,  and Voice controls in one floater as was done in version 1 viewers.

Inprudence users have asked that Kokua implement the Imprudence UI for communications. I would like comments from Imprudence users about this interface .

This merge affected many parts of Kokua code. Please test and report problems using our bug tracker.

The CHUI project is due to be merged into LL’s viewer-development repository  in February. After that we will begin merging into our release viewer.

Please review our testing best practices wiki before logging on with these viewers.

Downloads are linked here.


A Small Update On Kokua


Work continues on the new Kokua viewer. We’re moving forward using the v3.2 Linden viewer as a base, we feel this version of the viewer is stable enough and has solved enough of the UI problems from v2 that our users will be happy with it. It’s also what many of you recommended in previous blog comments and at our meetings. We’re currently focusing on releasing a stable viewer on at least three platforms, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit and Windows 32bit. You can follow our progress by trying our experimental viewers if you’d like, but buyer beware, these are alpha viewers and you should read the warning label carefully before use. You’ll find the link to our experimental viewers page on our wiki bellow…

Currently there is both a Linux 32bit and a Windows 32bit experimental client available and we’re working to support more platforms but said clients just aren’t ready to be posted to the wiki yet (They either don’t run/compile or have known showstopper bugs). With the coming site redesign we’ll create a better way for users to talk about the features they’d like to see. Please understand that these experimental viewers are pretty bare-bones and lacking features we plan to implement at a later date. We feel that right now the collection of sites we have is a little unruly for both you our users as well as ourselves in an administrative capacity and we’re working to improve that.


The current experimentals are based on v3 viewer code, future version will be based on v3.2+

A Little Taste

This weekend we’ll be having our all hands meeting to discuss the future of the project as mentioned in our last update. Many of you have replied with your thoughts and suggestions on the last blog post and even attended our weekly meeting to lend your thoughts. We’re very pleased to see such interest in the project, and a lot of your thoughts are in line with our own. So it’s good to know we got the right idea. Here is a highlight in no particular order of some (But not all) of the ideas that were suggested by you…

  • Focus on the next generation Kokua client rather than Kokua & Imprudence
  • Continue to support Linux 64 bit
  • Keep it easy to explore alternative grids (ie not Second Life proper)
  • Mesh support in Second Life and OpenSim
  • Support older hardware
  • Experimental builds

I think my favorite comment was from Chaniyth, simply because it made me laugh out loud, literally. Here’s what Chaniyth had to say (Emphasis mine)…

First and foremost, please don’t be asses […] listen to your end users, do the respectable thing and listen to what your end users want and need, and in a timely fashion [Experimental Builds]!

That would make a great company slogan wouldn’t it? “Please don’t be asses”, perhaps even better than Google’s “Don’t be evil”. Could we live up to it I wonder? Haha

It brings up a good point though, in that it’s important to listen to what your users want. Granted sometimes there are things we just don’t have the manpower to do. Ideally we’d love to make a viewer every month with a completely revamped UI that is fully customizable and adjusts to a users tastes (Are you a builder or a shopper, a dancer or a socialite, a machinima maker or a sailor etc). Unfortunately there are limits to what we or any developer can do, but  we’ll try to work out what’s best and try things from time to time. Experimental builds are a great step along this line, as suggested be several people, as it allows the public to test out new viewers before they’re really “ready” and give us feedback, allowing us the opportunity to make changes to things before we put too much time into them and it’s too hard to change course.

And so we’re going to try to release more test viewers, starting today. We’ve set up a special page on the wiki were we will post test viewers as we can, they may or may not be announced here on the blog. Please understand that these are not Beta viewers but Alpha viewers and are generally only tested internally. We’re going to make an effort to put more of them up on the blog though. They may not be available for every platform (ie it may be only Linux 64 or Windows 32 and nothing else). But if you want to see what’s “brewin in the pot” this is one way you can do it, just be sure to read the instructions on the page and take whatever necessary precautions are recommended (This is the knife’s edge folks, you have been warned).

On The Wiki – Kokua: Experimental


Imprudence 1.4 Windows Beta Test Build

AKA “Beta 1½”.

This is a special Windows-only test release to address some specific issues before we release beta 2. If you use it, I’d appreciate it if you’d comment on this post if any of the following don’t work for you:

  1. Imprudence always installs and runs on XP.
  2. Inworld audio always works (except on parcels where restrict sounds is checked. See #819). You can verify this by checking your audio driver in Help >About Imprudence.
  3. Prims don’t turn invisible when they shouldn’t. If you find prims suddenly turn invisible (but are still selectable), please comment here with an SLURL and your draw distance so we can investigate.


This will default install as an “Experimental” build. You shouldn’t have any problems running it side-by-side with 1.4 beta 1.

As far as release notes go, it’s mainly the above along with:

  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • In particular, preferences-related crashes and OpenSim/InWorldz teleport crashes.

Also, if you’ll excuse me for getting serious for a moment, I’d like to say this as a personal note. One of the unique aspects of working on Imprudence is our distributed QA process. When we get to the point where we can’t test a feature/fix anymore ourselves, we release test/beta builds like these to you, the user, for feedback. Your comments (and your passion for putting the viewer through its paces) are tremendously helpful in tracking down bugs we’d otherwise never encounter ourselves.

For some, this might seem like “passing the buck” on our part, but in my eyes it’s always been a highlight of just how much working on Imprudence is a community process. We all care about putting a working viewer in your hands, and the fact that so many of you are willing to take time to help us do that really does warm our hearts and keep us motivated.

So, I just want to say, I know it might seem tough to see where we’re going when most other viewers are doing things differently right now, but I hope you’ll be patient with us. Things are still coming together as far as finalizing and transitioning go, but we’ll get there, and we haven’t forgotten why we do this: our community. Because seriously, our users rock :)

Final Experimental Release for 1.4.0: 2011.04.19

I think hands down, you’ll agree this is the best Experimental release we’ve made yet. I’m really thankful to everyone who’s participated in our Experimental process. You’ve provided us with a great amount of useful feedback, and our ability to get these viewers out to you sooner rather than later means 1.4.0 will have the highest mix of features and fixes out of any version of Imprudence to date! And a special thanks goes out to everyone who’s contributed great patches to bring us here :)


New Features:

  • Full sim radar. That’s right, not just the radar in the mini-map. Changes to the mini-map are forthcoming, but in the meantime you can access the new radar window from the Advanced menu > Full Radar
  • Login and passwords now saved for each grid. No more having to re-enter your first/last/username and password when you login to a different grid! Usernames are also now stored in the grid manager (grids that want to support usernames can enable their entry by adding  the boolean “username_compat” to their grid info).
  • Inspect now shows last owner as well as script and object count (depending upon server performance, this can tricky).
  • Imprudence now supports SOCKS 5 proxies.
  • Set your Imprudence tag color. You can change your tag color in Preferences > Advanced. (Only affects what you see on your computer, not what other people see.)
  • New preferences for color and behavior of particle clouds in Preferences > Advanced > Eye Candy.
  • Debug Settings are now searchable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with camera and selection in the previous experimental. For those who’re curious, it was an attempt to make the selection process more consistent in the UI, but the change did more harm than good.
  • Fixed search not remembering results when closed. A “save results” checkbox was added to this window. Checking it will keep the search window always open but hidden (note: this will consume more resources in the viewer).
  • Fixed large sculpt rendering (let us know if you have any texture problems with this release especially! Changes were made there).
  • Fixed account history/management menu items still showing up on non-Second Life grids.
  • Fixed numerous crashes (including two fixes for known crashers, a teleport crash fix for InWorldz, and a fix for Aurora Sim).
  • Fixed upload cost being reported as $-1 on some grids.
  • Fixed URLs not being clickable in numerous windows across the UI, such as profiles and groups.
  • Fixed Windows version identification.
  • Fixed Vivox license appearing when you login to a non-Second Life grid and a potential fix for not being able to accept the license.
  • Fixed quicktime not being used for m4v files on Windows.

Known Issues (introduced with this release):

  • Right clicking the chatbar doesn’t bring up the translation submenu (workaround: use the chatbar in Local Chat).
  • Menu borders and colors might be off depending upon the menu.
  • Some preferences windows need to have their layouts adjusted.

As always, please post any issues you have on the issue tracker! We really do need you all to speak up there if you have an issue, particularly as we prepare for the beta.

Why the issue tracker?

One of our users recently posted about this over on the InWorldz forums.

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.04.02

Greetings, Imprudentistas!

It’s time for a new Imprudence Experimental release, and this one contains a good number of bugfixes (like the distorted world map) and a few interesting new features. We really hope you enjoy it! Of course, we would love your comments and feedbacks, and please report bugs using our issue tracker.


New Features/Improvements:

  • Added media interaction similar to Viewer 2’s Media On A Prim (MOAP), but still using parcel media only (not per-prim media like true MOAP has). Go to Preferences > Audio & Video, and enable “Media helper widget”. Then if you click on a prim displaying a video or web page, you will zoom in and see some new media controls. Also, web pages are interactive while zoomed in that way; you can click on links, scroll around, etc.
  • Several improvements to the Media Filter system (IMP-829, IMP-832). Many thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford for these.
    • Added a “Media Filter” button in Preferences > Audio & Video to open the Media Filter window (same as using the Edit > Media Filter menu item).
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter (and Preferences > Audio & Video) to toggle the Media Filter system entirely.
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter to filter only streams initiated by a scripted object, as opposed to the user choosing to play the parcel URL. This is enabled by default, to reduce the number of annoying popups.
    • Updated to Henri Beauchamp’s v4 patch, with some fixes by Thickbrick.
    • Media Filter now better handles sim hosts that have no DNS name.
  • Stream URLs can no longer be hidden in the About Land window (IMP-838). Linden Lab is doing likewise in the official SL viewer. The URL “protection” has always been trivial to circumvent for people who know about it, but can present a security risk for less advanced users.
  • Added video/x-m4v to mime_types_*.xml; this should allow m4v videos to be played (IMP-810).
  • Several improvements to the network proxy settings:
    • Added separate configuration for an XMLRPC proxy (in Preferences > Network). XMLRPC is used for login, and land and money purchases. Before, XMLRPC calls used the Web Proxy; they can now be configured separately.
    • Web Proxy is now used for the login screen and parcel media. Before, it was only used for the built-in browser.
    • Added a “Clear Cookies” button in Preferences > Web.
  • New “single name box” login for Second Life. You can type in your full avatar name in a single box instead of two. That should allow users that have new style usernames to login without having to type “Resident” in the old style Last Name box. Other grids still use separate First and Last name boxes.
  • Improved tab key navigation order on the login screen.
  • Moved ‘Reset all preferences to default’ button to a more logical place: in the main preferences window
  • Updated gpu_table.txt (borrowed from Phoenix). This should fix issues with some new graphics card models not being recognized.
  • UI skinning: Comboboxes can now use the font=”…” attribute.
  • UI skinning: Added a new default font size FontSansSerifBigger and renamed “FontSansSerifBig” to “FontSansSerifLarge”.
  • Cleaned up the unloaded avatar cloud particle system LLSD de/serialization.


  • Fixed the world map being distorted on non-Aurora grids (IMP-811).
  • Fixed Window Creation Error after changing antialiasing settings on Linux (IMP-824)
  • Fixed the viewer reporting crashes to the wrong grid if you crashed after switching grids.
  • Fixed the viewer trying to fetch grid list from an empty URL when the GridUpdateList debug setting was empty.
  • Fixed the “top pick” icon containing the SL logo (IMP-786). This was a minor TPVP violation.

That’s all for this week folks! Looking forward on your comments and bug reports and we hope you will enjoy this release.

Codie for the Imprudence Team

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.03.20

We are now getting back on our regular release schedule, so we are very pleased to bring you this new Imprudence Experimental build. It contains a few new features and several important bug fixes. The biggest feature is probably Media Filters, that we thought was important to add quickly. Imprudence is very committed to our user’s privacy, and since it was a very popular request, we decided to import those patches. This build also contains lots of fixes for voice and media, mostly.

We are working hard on squishing the remaining little bugs especially with the new media system (which is working quite amazingly well despite the little glitches), so as usual, we look forward to see your bug reports in our bug tracker.


(*) The Linux64 build environment changed with the new version of Debian. so far Imprudence 64bit was built on Debian Lenny (now “oldstable”), and with Debian Squeeze now being stable, we moved to Ubuntu long term support (Lucid Lynx). You will now need libc 2.11.1(or newer)  and pulseaudio 0.9.21 (or newer).

New Features:

  • Henri Beauchamps version of Sione Lomus media filter patch: “MediaFilter_v3: based on code by Sione Lomu with a couple of bugfixes by Tonya Souther, this improved patch brings media and streaming audio URLs filtering (to prevent IP ripping by so-called security systems which violate the SL TOS by catching your IP and associating your various avatars with it, thus violating your anonimity). Beside empowering your viewer with allow/deny/blacklist/whitelist functions per domain, this improved patch makes the difference between external servers (domains names filtering) and in-world servers (scripted objects with built-in HTTP servers). I also fixed various bugs, security holes and shortcomings, refactored the code and improved it, and added a whitelist/blacklist erasing function.” – from
  • Aurora Sim: Variable region size (allows sim sizes different than 256 x 256)
  • Added “MediaFilter” debug to be able to inspect the full URL and media texture UUID
  • Added “Copy text” button to Help > About Imprudence and tabbed the info. Ported from Singularity, patch by Siana Gearz.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: voice doesn’t always kick in
  • Fixed: voice always on, even if told not to be
  • Added log info for when GStreamer fails to load because the plugin wasn’t compiled correctly
  • Use a buffer for debug console output (improves speed on Windows when console is enabled). Ported from Singularity, patch by Shyotl
  • Don’t use the build window keyboard shortcuts when the UI has focus (except for the chatbar)
  • Fixed missing use_prebuilt_binary(gstreamer-plugins) from GStreamer010Plugin.cmake and fixed some out-of-date lib requirements for Windows
  • Fixed Bug #799 german language version of  floater_pay_object.xml broken
  • Fixed currency in the german language status bar button missing
  • Only use VBO if available
  • Added a null check for corrupt volume lists
  • Fixed:  setting the viewer offset time from OpenRegionSettings, and also have it show what UTC offset it is representing in the time bar.
  • Fixed bad line endings (CRLF) in many files.
  • Package both and (symlink) on Linux32. (IMP-790)

Again, thank you all for your support and patience, and looking forward to work on the next release!

Codie for the Imprudence team