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Kokua Mac test viewer available

Several hours ago the first Mac build completed and I logged on to Second Life beta grid, aditi. Rebranding from Second Life to Kokua is needed. If there are Mac users that would like to help in this area please respond and I’ll help set up a build environment on your system. I would like Mac users to test and provide look and feel opinions as comments to this post. If there are bugs please report them to our issue tracker.

Thanks to McCabe Maxstead for sound (openal) make work tweaks and Cinder Roxley of Firestorm Project for make it build patches.

A special thanks to onefang, our primary Imprudence developer, who recently purchased a mini-mac and provided his system as a way for Kokua to be built.

Test viewers including mac are included in Kokua’s Nightly directory.

The mac download link is here This link will not remain current so please use the link to the Nightly directory to stay current.

Corrected Kokua linux 64 bit media plugin webkit failed to load at viewer start.

On newer Debian derived distributions in the class of Debian testing (aka Jessie) there have been complaints of web kit plugin failure to load at viewer start and also no voice and no audio streams. This has also affected Ubuntu 13.xx distributions. Some time back there were issues with not being found at viewer start. Users where applying symbolic links from the viewer’s lib64 directory to the system pcre. At that time Kokua started packaging the build system pcre with the viewer to save on user hassle of finding the system pcre and applying symbolic links. This no longer works correctly as modern distributions have updated. A test viewer is available that removes the four libpcre* libraries / links from packaging with the viewer. This has been tested and works correctly on Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 13.10. This may affect non-Debian distributions and a return to applying a symbolic link to may be needed.

The test viewer may be downloaded from Kokua viewer nightly folder on sourceforge.

Server Side Appearance (SSA) — Phase II testing

At the last Linden Lab (LL) Third Part Viewer (TPV) meeting, LL recommended that TPV projects merge updated SSA code in anticipation of planned pile on testing of the updated inventory code known as AIS V3. AIS V3 is a new inventory Application Programming Interface (api) developed to correct inventory handling issues discovered during tests and roll out of SSA. Also, LL recently removed client baking code and that code is dead from LL’s point of view.

Kokua is also used as an OpenSim (OS) viewer and lack of client baking would disable the viewer for many of our users.

Kokua has built test viewers for Windows and Linux 64 bit platforms that can be used for the upcoming LL pile on test and have the client baking code restored for use on OpenSim grids.

There are four regions on aditi beta grid that have server code with AIS V3 activated. Regions sunshinesls, sunshinesls1, sunshinetest, sunshinetest1 are the AIS V3 test regions.

The code repository and issue tracker are on Bitbucket. Please read repository issues for updates on problems and known limitations.

The downloads are on Sourceforge.

This test viewer affects your inventory. Please review our best practices before testing.

Tests by primarily SL users should be on aditi and be focused on inventory transactions including changing avatar body parts and body part parameters for example eye color.

Tests by primarily OS users should be similar and include looking for any changed behavior from the latest release viewer.

If any Kokua user wants to take part in LL’s pile on tests please let me know via email.

Kokua 3.6.1 Mesh Deformer Test Viewer

A mesh deformer test viewer is now available. This viewer uses the recently released Inworlz deformer patch by Karl Stiefvater (aka Qarl Fizz) and McCabe Maxsted with minor tweaking to make it friendly with the 3.6.1 code base.

The links to the downloads are posted at the bottom of the Kokua Downloads wiki page under the title Additional Test Viewer Downloads.


Imprudence experimental 1 is released –mac version is now available.

By onefang rejected:

Mac OS X Intel

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

Original post.

Imprudence experimental 1 is released.

By onefang rejected:

Release highlights:

More build clean ups.

Made the Windows installer and build system more like other OSes.

Added Windows nmake builds using Cygwin. Windows building is now fully scriptable like Linux builds. With some help from Robin Cornelius.

Added compatibility with V3 autobuild libraries.

Updated boost on Linux to 1.52.

Fixed a startup crash on recent Linux machines, thanks to Johnnie Carling.

Fixed a crash when creating a new Inventory folder, particularly when creating outfits, thanks to Kentron Katana.

Fixed shadow Frustra missing from Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Display.

Fixed Inventory “Cut” and “Paste” deletes inventory item instead of moving it.

Fixed registering secondlife:// handler with KDE, thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford.

Various fixes to the edit tools radio button group, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Added ‘Show hidden selection’ and similar things to the advanced build options.

Added new communication channel urls to the viewer’s Help menu.

Updated the basic graphics detail sliders. Graphics cards have moved on in recent years, now we can bump the detail up more.

Removed hotkeys for obscure debugging stuff.

Updated credits.

Updated the release notes for 1.4.0 beta 1 and 2.

You can download binaries and source code from -

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

Imprudence experimental release exp 0.

By: onefang rejected

Finally there is movement from the Imprudence developers with the release an experimental build called “Imprudence exp 0″. There will be additional experimental releases based on progress and time to make them. Work continues toward a beta 3 release soon, followed by the usual release candidates, then an actual full release of Imprudence 1.4.0.

A quick summary of the changes -

Many bug fixes since the last 1.4.0 beta 2 release (see the source code commit log for details), thanks to Armin Weatherwax, Beeks, Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxstead, Nicky Perian, and onefang.

Ported inventory category capability from LL, thanks to Henri Beauchamp and Armin Weatherwax.

Converted to the ISS installer for Windows, thanks to McCabe Maxstead.

The removal of the translate feature (it used a Google service that was withdrawn by Google).

Added Linux build scripts (they almost work for Cygwin to, still working on that).

Simplified the build process a little, and made it more consistent.

Changed the storage methods for users passwords to patch up security a little. NOTICE – this may cause problems if you move back and forth between viewer versions. Recommend backup of your old grid_info.xml file. Storage of grid_info.xml varies depending on OS and other things. Blame onefang.

Fixed building under Mac OS X, thanks to Mimika Oh, Nemurimasu Neiro, and to team member Kentron Katana for building this experimental.

Fixed building under gcc 4.5.2, thanks to Lord Drakeo.

Added a MOAP radar, thanks to Robin Cornelius (full MOAP support coming soon).

Updated the grid list to match Kokua, thanks to Nicky Perian.

Various code and build system clean ups, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Apologies if I missed any thanks, it’s been a long time.

You can download binaries and source code from -

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (commit for this release)

Kokua Beta 3.5.1 is available for testing.

Kokua Beta 3.5.1 is available for testing. This has Server Side Avatar Baking (SSAB) merged into the recently released released Kokua-3.5.0. A recent question; “What does this mean for Opensim users?” and at the time the answer was hopefully it will be invisible to users. However, as Linden Lab (LL) worked SSAB they found and corrected a few client side baking bugs that had carry over to SSAB. Now the answer is hopefully improved avatar baking. Subjectively, it appears that first time res takes a little longer on non-SSAB regions. Downloads are on bitbucket.

Kokua-3.5.1 Merge of Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is complete and made available for testing.

Merge of Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is complete and made available for testing. This is an experimental viewer so, please review our testing best practices here. Please give this viewer as much use as possible with attention to recently added client AO and windlight capabilities. Also, regression testing of media and sound streaming is needed. Likes and dislikes can be reported in the comments to this post. Bugs need to be reported in our redmine bug tracker. Downloads are on bitbucket.

Linden Lab’s (LL) Communications Hub UI (CHUI) project is merged into Kokua Experimental viewers.

The Communication Hub UI  has Instant Messaging , Chat,  and Voice controls in one floater as was done in version 1 viewers.

Inprudence users have asked that Kokua implement the Imprudence UI for communications. I would like comments from Imprudence users about this interface .

This merge affected many parts of Kokua code. Please test and report problems using our bug tracker.

The CHUI project is due to be merged into LL’s viewer-development repository  in February. After that we will begin merging into our release viewer.

Please review our testing best practices wiki before logging on with these viewers.

Downloads are linked here.