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Linux users of Kokua.

Issues with starting Kokua have been reported on some distributions that did not show up while testing the viewer on debian or ubuntu.

Slackware and Linux Mint 17 seem to be affected.

Slackware did not tolerate the absence of gridargs.dat.

Mint script commands did not interpret library paths.

Attached file kokua.txt at ticket #305 is a replacement ./kokua script. This is in a .txt file so it would be best to use as a guide to edit or copy/paste into
your live ./kokua script. The file is also in Files->Weekly on Sourceforge.

This change will be in the Weekly viewer downloads next week.

Kokua Test 3.7.10

There will not be a release version this month. The test versions are just not ready for release due to AISv3 merge.
First, AISv3 places Kokua ahead of RLVa and Kokua Test will not have RLVa until later. Second, there are issues with OpenSim grid configurations that are not handled handled correctly. SL grids, OSgrid, 3d Rock Grid, and jOpenSimWorld are not affected. Avination, InWorldz, Kitely, Metropolis Metaversum and several others have configurations that are triggering a Kokua main loop memory exception crash. From the grid operator point of view I understand that it will be considered a viewer issue and Kokua needs patched to handle whatever is thrown at it. If I knew what was being thrown, it would be fixed. It is not an OpenSim version problem as both good and crashed share OpenSim versions.

On to the positive. Kokua Test 3.7.10 seems solid and has SL features from:
3.7.7 Interesting Viewer
3.7.8 Maintenance Release
3.7.9 MemPlugs(memory leak fixes), Sunshinev2 and AISv3
3.7.10 Social (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) for Kokua these are accessed under top menu “View” and tool box Icons are defaulted to the bottom of the left tool bar.

Kokua Test viewers are available in the Nightly files area on SourceForge.

Black screen at start — fix

There is a fix to correct this intermittent crash that mostly affected Linux 64 bit users and to a lesser degree Mac and Windows users. The symptom was a black screen that required killing the program from the operating system.

The fixed version, 31948, is in nightly builds so please review best practices for testing.

Nightly build downloads are here.

Or, directly from the platform links listed below.


Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit


Kokua Test / Linux

A reported Linux viewer issue that stream titles were spamming local chat and notifications is resolved in this test version.

This fix was applied during development for the next release and includes from Catznip / Kitty Barnett’s features RLVa and Edit items from Inventory features. These features have not been thoroughly tested in Kokua and users are encouraged to review Kokua’s Best Practices for Testing wiki before using.

Corrected Kokua linux 64 bit media plugin webkit failed to load at viewer start.

On newer Debian derived distributions in the class of Debian testing (aka Jessie) there have been complaints of web kit plugin failure to load at viewer start and also no voice and no audio streams. This has also affected Ubuntu 13.xx distributions. Some time back there were issues with not being found at viewer start. Users where applying symbolic links from the viewer’s lib64 directory to the system pcre. At that time Kokua started packaging the build system pcre with the viewer to save on user hassle of finding the system pcre and applying symbolic links. This no longer works correctly as modern distributions have updated. A test viewer is available that removes the four libpcre* libraries / links from packaging with the viewer. This has been tested and works correctly on Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 13.10. This may affect non-Debian distributions and a return to applying a symbolic link to may be needed.

The test viewer may be downloaded from Kokua viewer nightly folder on sourceforge.

Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.6.1.

Linden Lab had some bug corrections related to materials rendering. After much self grumbling and looking over the 20 or so commits I decided to go with a Kokua release.

Also, there was a bug reported that affected the edit of object position from build tools. That alone would justify a bug fix release.

I want to thank all who have downloaded and tried the viewer. At this writing there have been 606 downloads in 7 days. While this is small compared to other viewers, it is a record for Kokua. I am sorry to ask for additional updating so soon after a release but, based on feedback from Linden Lab and the Kokua bug it appears necessary.

Included is a range slider beneath the mini-map within the People->Nearby tab. This is a convenience to allow adjustment of the 130 meter default radius which is the debug setting “NearMeRange”.
Near Me Range


Kokua-3.5.1 (CHUI) crash fix

A crash to desktop is corrected. Additionally, a merge to LL viewer-development is applied to rule out upstream code correcting the crash.

This crash occurred when a user received an instant message (IM) with the conversations floater closed. A quick flash of the incoming IM notification would occur but, the Chat button inside the toolbar would not flash. When the user pressed the Chat button the viewer would crash.

Updated downloads are available here.

For additional detail see the redmine tracker issue.

Kokua-3.4.4-r6a Corrects for linux 64 bit platform a crash to terminal at Mesh Upload file selection.

If you don’t need or use mesh upload this crash fix release isn’t needed.

Download link.

Kokua-3-4-2/25211 spam texture fetch messages on opensim grids



Additional testing shows that the problem is deeper than this one changeset. My test build worked fine with a local opensim grid and the viewer on the same machine. Once separated by network the problem would come and go.

kokua-dev is set back to public. I suggest if use of 3.4.1/24900 on opensim grids that have not updated.

I have not seen spammed logs on that version. With 1000 downloads of that version, if  the issue was there it stands to reason that it would have been reported.

Grid operators may want to ban kokua 3-4-2 and SL 3.4.2 until after simulator updates.


This problem is from LL’s 3.4.2 code. I have identified it to changeset

I have backed out this changeset and will provide new downloads later today. I mean time the kokua-dev repository is set private to prevent additional issues for opensim grid operators that have yet to update to the latest master version.  Osgrid updated to master (10-12 hours ago) and that  corrected the spam issue there.

The messages on the opensim server console are like:

2012-12-05 19:22:44,159 WARN  – OpenSim.Capabilities.Handlers.GetTextureHandler [GETTEXTURE] : Malformed Range header: bytes=2048-

The corresponding messages in the viewer log are like:

2012-12-06T02:11:54Z INFO: newview/lltexturefetch.cpp(1307) : LLTextureFetchWorker::doWork: HTTP GET failed for: Status: 400 Reason: ” Attempt:4/4

This did not occur on SL grids.

The message spam is no longer present once the above referenced changeset is backed out. No apparent ill effects were noticed when logged to SL beta grid using a test viewer with the offended changeset backed out.



IMPORTANT: Server side issue on SL grid breaks map, edit and visibility rights

In order to prevent a few bug reports, we would like everyone to read this JIRA explaining the issue. Basically, most TPV viewers are affected by a bug that prevents from setting map, edit and visibility rights from your friendlist. This only occurs on the SecondLife grid and doesn’t affect other grids. It’s unfortunately out of our control, and also affects most other TPVs. The JIRA issue is marked “Fix Pending” so we can expect that to be repaired on the next Sim rollout by the Lindens.

NOTE: This won’t affect permissions ALREADY granted to users before that bug occured. Those who already had those types of rights set up will still have it working.

JIRA SVC-7104: Granting/revoking perms broken for non-web-profile viewers

Thanks for your patience.


Codie, Community Liaison for Imprudence