Streamlining our behind-the-scenes administration

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of maintaining any software project that may not be obvious to end-users. This includes providing and managing a way to create and track bug reports, providing information on where and how to get the software, detailing the content of each release and writing news bulletins to name but a few.

The tools used by Kokua have not been updated in some while and while they were good choices at the time are now looking a little dated. WordPress (which powers the platform for this blog posting) is still alive and well however both the Wiki and the issue tracker on SourceForge are showing their age.

We are now moving to a modern cloud-hosted solution which provides higher levels of integration and saves us the maintenance overheads of looking after each system. The components and key links are:-

New Issue Tracker using Jira
Kokua Downloads
Kokua Release Notes
Kokua Information
Future Kokua Blog Posts

RSS feeds are available, see

We will shortly be publishing Kokua Release 6.2.4. This will be the first release to use the new tools entirely, so head on over to the links above!

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