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Kokua Releases (RLV) and 45801 (RLV/FTRLV)

This version renumbers Kokua as 6.2.3 in line with the current LL release (although the main feature in LL’s 6.2.3 was the Windows logout colour fixes which we already delivered as rapid releases on 6.2.2).

With this version we switch from FMODEx to FMODStudio for controlling the interface with the host platform’s sound system. There should be no noticeable change in function together with a number of improvements around handling of situations where the default sound output device vanishes – sound will now usually find an alternative device to use instead of going silent. The is based on work done originally in Alchemy and Firestorm.

Issues resolved in this version are listed below. One of note is that the shortcut for Stop Animating Me is now control-alt-S instead of shift-S to avoid it getting swallowed then ‘any key starts chat’ is turned on.

Release notes – KokuaSL – Version Kokua 6.2.3

  • [KSL-570] – Commands->Stop Animating Me Shift-S


  • [KSL-559] – Streaming music is not available
  • [KSL-562] – No sound after change in sound device
  • [KSL-564] – Settings in the Pref->Kokua->Privacy tab are not saved
  • [KSL-567] – GUI bug in avatar profile window
  • [KSL-568] – Pie menu clicks feed through to ground.
  • [KSL-569] – Stop animating me Shift-S is not longer working