Kokua Test RLV – FMODStudio support test version

This is a test build for FMODStudio support in Kokua. The build is time-limited and only available as a switchable RLV variant to keep the work in issuing test versions to a minimum.

This is the first public release of FMODStudio support in Kokua, adapted from work by Drake Arconis (Alchemy) and Ansariel, Drakeo and others (Firestorm).

FMODStudio is the audio engine included with the viewer, replacing the obsolete FMODex.

There should be no change in functionality – inworld sounds and streaming music will play as normal along with Kokua’s support for displaying stream track titles and copying that information to the clipboard.

Where improvements should be noticeable is around the behaviour when the system sound environment changes. If the original default sound device goes away Kokua/FMODStudio should now switch over to the new default device. Instances where the sound is going nowhere at all should also be much reduced.

However, once a sound output is working Kokua will continue using it, so if you change the default system sound device whilst Kokua is running it will not track that change until Kokua is next restarted.

At the moment there is no capability to choose which sound device is used, however the Firestorm team (Ansariel in particular) have added this for the next Firestorm release and we plan to port it over post-release.

Please reports any issues encountered via a ticket at https://sourceforge.net/p/team-purple/kokua/tickets/

Download location: https://sourceforge.net/projects/kokua.team-purple.p/files/Kokua-SL/

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