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Kokua Releases (NORLV) and (RLV and FTRLV)

This version of Kokua is based on LL viewer version ( ) which in turn is almost the same as the withdrawn release ( ). Note that while LL have chosen to just back out the troublesome change in 6.2.1 Kokua has cherry-picked the proposed fix and included it.

The RLV versions are updated to RLV (see )

In addition both versions have a fix for the pie menu shown when clicking on your own avatar – Hover Height was not appearing and Dump (to) XML was disabled.

Kokua Releases (NORLV) and (RLV & FTRLV)

These releases bring Kokua up to LL viewer parity with 6.2.1 ( ) plus we have fast-tracked inclusion of the fix to the issue which resulted in 6.2.1 being pulled as the latest release version of the viewer.

As well as many bug fixes this version is the first release from LL which includes a search facility for the main menu and the preferences panel.

Note that My Scripts has been moved from About Land to the Me section of the main menu or the View section if using classic menus.

We are continuing to work on improving the reliability of voice with the Linux version.