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Kokua Releases (NORLV) and (RLV & FTRLV)

This release of Kokua brings the codebase up to Linden Lab viewer version 6.2.0 (see ) with Estate Manager improvements and also includes 6.1.1’s improvements (see ).

In addition:-

  • Updated CEF/Dullahan for Linux (with thanks to NickyD)
  • Two additions from Cool VL Viewer (with thanks to Henri) which should help further with post-teleport and login outfit issues
  • Early incorporation of the fix for SL-10924 which was causing problems with inworld media displays with the latest CEF/Dullahan version
  • Eliminated ‘Failed to execute script’ message with a clean Kokua Windows install
  • Various tweaks on Linux to improve media playback (still in progress) together with reverting to an older version of libvlc

Downloads are available from the usual location: