Kokua Releases (NORLV) and 45241 (RLV/FTRLV)

With this release you get three for the price of two! More on that in a moment, first the normal change history information.

These releases are based on LL Viewer 6.1.0 ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Release/ ). There is very little new in here for end users – the main change is the introduction of an alternative crash reporting system. Although we are remaining with the current system this has entailed inheriting substantial changes to the build environment from LL and required us to spend a considerable amount of time getting the Linux64 build to complete successfully since that’s not supported at all by LL.

RLV has been updated to ( http://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2019/03/rlv-29261.html ). Once again there is very little in here for Kokua users – most of the changes are already present. However, we have taken in the new keyboard shortcuts.

Now for the Kokua-generated changes:-

  • Both: Various improvements to Linux 64 building (as well as the remedial work mentioned above)
  • Both: the online/offline notification in chat would get confused if “is ” formed part of the avatar’s name
  • Both: Some land parcels have a null name which was upsetting the world map feature where the parcel name is displayed (after a brief pause while the information is fetched). This was causing the whole annotation for the parcel to disappear. Such parcels will now appear as “(unnamed parcel)”
  • RLV: @camavdist wasn’t working
  • RLV: Touch ability wasn’t being correctly updated in right-click menus

Finally, why three for the price of two?

With this release we are issuing a third installer named FTRLV (Full Time RLV). As the name suggests, this version lacks the ability to disable RLV and is more in line with Marine’s current policy (as of version This version differs from our normal RLV version in these ways:-

  • RLV is always on. The RestrainedLove debug setting is ignored
  • The RLV blacklist is always treated as being empty
  • The login blinding effect is always active, the debug setting that usually controls it is ignored
  • The Advanced Menu item to enable/disable RLV is faded out and unusable
  • OOC handling becomes more similar to Marine’s RLV. It can be routed to normal chat or to redirected chat processors (the default) depending on the debug setting KokuaRLVOOCChatIsRedirected. If this is set to False, OOC chat will go to normal chat and will always be squashed to “…” (ie this gives people who really don’t want OOC a way to always have it prevented)
  • The RLV area of the Preferences/Kokua/General panel is blanked
  • The Help>About Kokua information will show FTRLV rather than RLV (although the easiest way to quickly distinguish between RLV/FTRLV is look in the Advanced Menu or the Preferences/General/Kokua panel

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