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RLV Hotfix / Kokua

Marine Kelley has just released RLV to fix a bug introduced in RLV

Kokua incorporates this hotfix and is otherwise identical to the previous release, described here:



The RLV version of Kokua is updated to Marine’s RLV For details see:

In addition we have taken advantage of the lull between LL releases to do quite a bit of internal tidying up. Here are the highlights:-

  • New command ‘Reload My Outfit’ available in the own-avatar right click menu. This can be used to resolve clouded logins by manually forcing another attempt to wear the default outfit. Effectively what it does is adding the current outfit onto itself.
  • Internal changes to make the performance statistics code more efficient
  • Reviewed and improved initial login, inventory handling and outfit wearing by bringing over various improvements from Firestorm (by Beq, Nicky, Ansariel, Kitty and others)
  • Firestorm’s ‘Wear Items’ command is now available by right click on an inventory folder that contains some wearable items – this wears the folder contents without adding it to the current outfit
  • Switch to using Linux GCC V7 from V5 for compilation
  • Fix a number of errors in the XML configuration files for menus and floaters. This reduces the number of entries written to the log files and provides a small performance benefit
  • Reinstate the entry in the Help menu that opens the Kokua inworld Group (note: this is for user-to-user assistance – raise a ticket in Sourceforge at to be sure a Kokua Developer sees it)
  • Remove menu entry for Disable Build Constraints (no longer supported by Second Life servers)
  • Remove menu entry for Texture Memory Stats (there was no code behind this menu entry, so it would always do nothing)
  • Remove menu entry for Toggle PG (again, this was left behind after the code was removed)