Kokua – RLV OOC chat handling fixed

This release of Kokua restores the OOC (Out Of Character) message functionality that was broken in following the RLV merge.

We have chosen to implement this in a way which not only supports the new behaviour of RLV where OOC chat is routed to objects that are receiving redirected chat but can also support the traditional style of OOC chat where the viewer routes it directly to local chat itself.

The switches to control this are located on Kokua/General in the Preferences window.

The first switch “Allow OOC chat using (( )) (Needs restart)” must be turned on to permit OOC chat. If this is turned off any OOC chat will appear as … in local chat even if no other chat restrictions are in effect.

When OOC chat is allowed by the first switch the second switch called “Send OOC chat to redirected chat rather than local chat” comes into play. When turned on Kokua will follow the RLV behaviour of routing OOC chat to redirected chat handlers and it will not appear in local chat. When the setting is off the original behaviour applies instead with the OOC chat appearing in local chat only and not being sent to redirected chat handlers.

This behaviour is slightly different to RLV itself. There OOC chat now always goes to redirected chat handlers and it cannot be disabled in the viewer – it’s up to the receiving objects/scripts what to do with it. With Kokua there is still a master switch in the viewer which can enable or disable OOC chat along with the secondary switch that controls its routing.

Our apologies for the problem – this was a classic case of not thinking about a one line change deeply enough whilst merging RLV with Kokua.

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