Advance Warning : Main menu changes coming

Kokua’s main menu currently begins with the rather outdated File/Edit/View menu headings before getting into the section that’s common with other viewers with Build followed by some Kokua additions and finishing with Help plus Advanced and Develop if they have been enabled.

In a future version we’ll reorganise the menu to replace File/Edit/View with the current Me/Communicate to be found in the LL viewer and rearrange the items under those menus to their current positions in the LL viewer. Kokua-specific items will go to an appropriate location close to similar items in the menu structure.

Change like this inevitably causes some upheaval as people get used to it, however we hope that the benefits of more closely following the menu structure of the LL viewer will make life easier for everyone in the longer term.

UPDATE: Here is a detailed description of the planned changes.

Login menu: File and Edit combined under Me.

Viewer menu: File, Edit and View menus removed and replaced by Me and Communicate. The new location (which in some cases is currently a duplicate location) is shown in the table below

If anyone would like something at a higher/more accessible level please raise a ticket in the Kokua issue tracker, giving it the title New Menu Layout. I’m already thinking of duplicating Highighting and visibility under World.


Upload Build
Close Window Commands
Close All Windows Commands
Snapshot World
Snapshot to Disk World
Quit Me


Search World
Account Dashboard Me
Buy L$ Me
My Profile Me
Rebake Textures Commands
Appearance Me
My Gestures Communicate
Communication My Voice is Communicate>Voice Morphing>Preview, the Status commands are in Me
Friends Communicate
Groups Communicate
Preferences Me


Mouselook Commands
Joystick Flycam Commands
Reset View Commands
Look at Last Chatter Commands
Toolbar buttons Me
Hide All Controls Me
Show Hud Attachments Me
Buy L$ Me
Merchant Outbox (Removed – obsolete)
Marketplace Listings Me
Money Tracker Me
Conversations Communicate
Facebook Communicate
Twitter Communicate
Flickr Communicate
Nearby Chatter Commands
Choose an avatar Me
Inventory Me
Places Me
Experiences Me
Picks Me
Camera Controls Me
Movement Controls Me (as Walk/Run/Fly in the Movement submenu)
Restart all Animations Me
Refresh visibility of objects Me
Movement Me
Status Me
Statistics Bar Me
Zoom Level Commands
Highlighting and visibility Advanced
Show Advanced Menu Commands

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