Kokua – RLV release with new RLV windows!

This is another RLV-only release. We had hoped to also include changes from the Love Me Render and Maintenance RC viewers however both are currently rather crashy on Macs at exit so we need to wait for them to achieve release-level quality.

Meanwhile this version has a small RLV bug fix – when using Look At/Point At the name display features wasn’t being controlled by @shownames. This happened because Marine’s viewer doesn’t have that functionality at all.

The major feature for this release is the introduction of four new RLV windows designed to make RLV much more user-friendly when it comes to testing, troubleshooting and diagnosing issues and conflicts.

For full details see here: http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/2018/12/08/new-rlv-information-windows/

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