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Kokua Release 5.1.9

This release brings Kokua to parity with LL version 5.1.9, see

This LL release has a bug where group notice attachments are not accessible at login. The workround is to access the notice via the group’s notice history.

In addition, the RLV version is updated to RLV, see

Linux users should take note of these two points:-

”’Ticket #504 Web Browser fails with media type for: text/html on Linux”’

The desired goal was to provide a LindenLab dullahan solution. That goal was not met. Process “dullahan_host” would not spawn correctly. We have returned to Chromium Embedded Framework (cef) using a previously working the solution. If someone wants to try to get dullahan_host working we can provide work in progress code.

”’Ticket #506 No readable font in upload dialogs”’

Since Kokua’s inception there have been several shared libraries for font handling that change and/or revert with linux distribution releases. Kokua’s team provides as built shared libraries so that users could choose to use system libraries when the as built libraries presented problems. Most commonly users would delete the as built libraries from Kokua’s lib64 directory and use distribution provided libraries. New releases of Kokua will no longer be delivered with as built libraries. We presently build Kokua with Ubuntu-16.04 and have test results from Ubuntu variants through 18.04 with no as built libraries. Going forward, distribution library incompatibility should be reported through Kokua Tickets.