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Additional Kokua 5.1.5 Release (NORLV 43463, RLV 43464)

This is an additional release based on LL viewer 5.1.5 with the following changes:-

NORLV & RLV: Fast track a bug fix for issues with hud layer items mis-rendering when a mesh object is selected. Original fix by Ansariel Hiller of Firestorm.

RLV: Following Marine’s announcement of the “hardcore” experimental viewer based on RLV we have followed Kokua’s usual philosophy of adding user configurability features. There are now new options on the first tab of Preferences/Kokua to enable/disable the use of (( )) for OOC chat and whether to ignore anything configured in the RLV command blacklist. Both these options need a relog to take effect.

RLV: A bug fix from Marine that should help when an object tries to teleport the avatar right after they log in

RLV: An internal bug fix from Marine that makes logins more efficient when log-in blinding is enabled

RLV: Fix a merge bug where some remnants of the now-removed SVC-7532 fix were still present, causing left-mouse-click in mouselook to fail in some situations. This is a long story, see and previous postings for the whole saga

Kokua Release 5.1.5

Later today we will be releasing a new Kokua release ( for NORLV and for RLV) which bring Kokua to parity with Second Life Viewer 5.1.5

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