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Kokua Release (RLV) and (NORLV) including Alex Ivy for Linux

This release brings Kokua to parity with Second Life Viewer release ( ) and RLV ( )

In addition there are some Alex Ivy Linux fixes under the covers which should be undetectable in normal use and a further change to the RLV blind-at-login behaviour (more details can be seen on the RLV version release note at )

We have some open issues with the Linux Alex Ivy version which are being investigated – you can see these or report a new issue at our issue tracker ( )


Kokua Release (RLV) and (NORLV) including Alex Ivy for Linux

Please note: Sourceforge is currently experiencing difficulties. If you find you can’t download a new version or get to the Issue Tracker please be patient and try again later.

The headline news for these versions is the first release of an Alex Ivy Linux build as part of the release set.

This version is at parity with Linden Lab viewer release 5.1.3 and also with RLV for the RLV edition.

Some areas of the Linux release are still being worked on, however we believe that enough is working and well enough to share this with a wider audience to help us squash any remaining gremlins.

Please raise any issues you find via the Kokua Issue Tracker at Souceforge

Here are the other changes in this release compared to and

  • Both: Resolved a bug that could cause incorrect textures to be used to render water when viewed from high up (more than 1000m). The viewer will now not render anything for the water until considerably closer.
  • Both: Remove reporting of the region corner in decimal from Help > About (this was left over from the OpenSim code removal – the standard Linden Lab message with global coordinates is still there)
  • RLV: The behaviour of the blind-at-login feature is improved in this version. The decision whether to apply the blinding is now taken automatically based on whether any items have queued RLV restrictions before the viewer begins processing them (as will typically be the case with worn items reapplying restrictions from the previous session). If you want to always have the blind behaviour (or have problems with late arriving attachments failing to trigger the automatic code) you can set the option “Always apply blinding effect upon login” which can be found on Preferences > Kokua > General below the RLV enable switch. It can also be edited directly using the debug setting KokuaRLVAlwaysBlindStartup. The former KokuaRLVNoBlindStartup debug setting which was used in previous versions is now obsolete and does nothing.