OpenSim (OS) versions of Kokua and path forward 6

As explained in my Jul 25, 2017 post I planned to reduce my involvement with Kokua starting in October. After today I will no longer be supporting the KokuaOS viewers.

Current test viewers are available on SourceForge:





Source code:

If someone wants to take over I can assist with development / build systems setup.

Thank you to all that have assisted with KokuaOS.

1 Response to “OpenSim (OS) versions of Kokua and path forward 6”

  1. Geir Nøklebye

    he macOS version still live on and can currently be downloaded from – dayturn / Dayturn / Downloads — Bitbucket

    They will be renamed and updated with new icons / visuals.

    The source, which is built on top of the original fork I made for KokuaOS, can be found at