Alex Ivy Releases Updated installers and path forward 5

LindenLab published a fix for Advanced Lighting Model and materials (macOS) last Friday. That fix caused issues for the Windows build which LL fixed earlier today.

New installers for macOS and windows are available from the Kokua viewer file download on SourceForge.

4 Responses to “Alex Ivy Releases Updated installers and path forward 5”

  1. axiomatic.clarity

    Both RLV and NORLV versions crash on lunch in High Sierra.

  2. NickyP

    Have you tried LL Alex Ivy on High Sierra?
    Does it also crash?
    I don’t as yet have a system to test this on.
    LL is pushing macOS changes almost daily and I am building almost daily, there are builds in process now.
    You can opt in to notices for source to stay current.
    Updates from sourceforge

  3. NickyP

    If this continues please open a ticket at
    Please attach crash logs and a screen shots with the ticket.

  4. axiomatic.clarity

    LL Alex Ivy does not crash on High Sierra and is very stable and definitely faster than anything, which I suppose is where Kokua is also going drawing from that codebase. However I don’t see a fix for “Advanced Lighting Model not being active” on LL Alex Ivy as of yet. Checking daily. Without Advanced Lighting Model these viewers aren’t going anywhere. With LL determination about efficiency on platforms other than a PC their viewer will be Metal-enabled around the next century in the best case.