Alex Ivy Releases Updated macOS installers and Path forward 4

The problem with Advanced Lighting Model not being active is an accepted jira at BUG-41395.

The problem of leaving an extra app icon on the dock is fixed temporarily. The problem was the SL_Launcher running at viewer start and exiting to the viewer without removing the icon.

We have taken the front end code for SL_Launcher and removed it. It is just 2 lines of code that can be put back after LL makes the launcher behave better and TPV’s have the ability to complete automated viewer version updates.

Here are some updated installers:

Kokua with RLV;

Kokua without RLV;

Hope it goes well.


4 Responses to “Alex Ivy Releases Updated macOS installers and Path forward 4”

  1. Gynni Cordeaux

    Is there a way to boost the Texture Memory from 512?

  2. NickyP

    I am assuming you are on a mac. I don’t know performance wise. On the RLV version we can go up to 2048, but if you have 2048 you run into texture thrashing at around 1650, At least that is my experience on windows. I didn’t think mac’s had that more than 500. I tried on a mac and was able to run up to ~1500 and it didn’t seem to break.

    Texture Memory

    On windows I run the slider up until the scene thrashes and then back off.

    The NORLV version retains the SL default viewer limit of 500MB.

  3. Gynni Cordeaux

    Yeah i am on a Mac using the NORLV and it limits me to 512. If it helps: AMD Radeon R9 M380 2048MB, memory 32GB 1600MHz DDR3. I get the flickering of textures every so often but after a while some just stay blurry. its not horrible, but the viewer is so smooth and not choppy with the frame rates and very sharp images when they do rezz in.

  4. axiomatic.clarity

    Kokua version crashes on startup in macos High Sierra GM (17A362a). This is the version of the OS that is very likely to be released as final GM on the 25th, September 2017.