Alex Ivy Releases and Path forward 3

Status Update

There are updated test viewers available on the SourceForge Kokua project site.

For those unfamiliar, LindenLab has Project Alex Ivy in progress. Alex Ivy updated Windows and MacIntosh SecondLife viewers to 64 bit and for Windows kept a 32 bit viewer.

SecondLife Alex Ivy has progressed from white-board to Project Viewer and now is a Release Candiate viewer.

Additional details about this viewer can be found in the Alex Ivy Release Notes at:

Kokua developed and provided a Linux 64 bit viewer, but never developed Windows and Mac 64 bit as we preferred
to wait until LindenLab developed upstream. We now have Windows and Mac 64 bit Alex Ivy viewers available for testing and feedback.
For RLV capable–


For no RLV–


These viewers should contain functionally at par with current SL default viewers. We recommend testers focus on, but not be limited to, notifications and taking and processing snapshots as those areas caused the most problems during the recent merge.

We have also merged all other Kokua viewers to SL Default. Downloads for these can be found on SourceForge at:

Kokua Linux viewers do not yet have the Alex Ivy code base.



3 Responses to “Alex Ivy Releases and Path forward 3”

  1. Geir Nøklebye

    For Christ’s sake Nicky, the Mac version does not even start the advanced lighting model and shows up with 2 application icons in the dock. Why do you even distribute this garbage (LL viewer behaves the same)?

  2. NickyP

    Ok, I think it is very plain that these are TEST viewers. I expect there to be problems. If I managed to get through the merge and have the same issues as the SL viewer I think that is OK.

  3. NickyP MacOS alm problem.
    Voting is closed, but Mac can bump up Watch as that gets noticed also.