Path forward

This is a copy of what a sent earlier to the kokua-dev mailing list and the Kokua group on SecondLife.

Hello all,

This coming October I will turn 75 years old. I intend to have minimal (consulting only) involvement with Kokua after that. Hopefully, someone will take over the project or it will fade away.

Between now and then I intend to cut some routine building and updating. The first cut will be the RLV build of Kokua opensim followed by RLV build of Kokua SecondLife then NoRLV build of Kokua Opensim.

That will leave The NoRLV build of Kokua SecondLife version.

I want to thank all who have contributed to Kokua including other third party viewer project developers and those that work for Linden Lab.

I will try to complete the Alex Ivy integration. Kokua Project Alex Ivy Windows versions can be
built and tested now.

Test down loads can be found at
The source code for secondlife resides at:
The source code opensim which is at start state with the last commit 5 months ago resides at:

3 Responses to “Path forward”

  1. Dave

    Bye then.

  2. Jenni

    Thank you very much for your work over the years. For entirely selfish reasons I hope the viewer continues, of course.

    For your personal life I hope you’re enjoying life and very BIG congratulations to your upcoming 75th birthday :)

  3. Kakurady

    Thank you, for believing residents can do something to improve their own experiences, and help making it happen.