Kokua OpenSim Viewer Released

KokuaOS- is an initial release. Gavin Hird (macOS) is the lead developer for KokuaOS. This viewer is for OpenSim grids and is branched off at Kokua version 4.0.2. The default grid is set to 3rd Rock Grid as their support for Kokua and Imprudence extends back a number of years with the Hoagie sim contribution. While the ability to logon to SecondLife is present, Jelly Doll support is not, and we expect more wandering away from SecondLife as new features such as Bento Joints, and server infrastructure removal take place.

There are no automatic up dates with KokuaOS. If you want it, download and install on your schedule.


The Visual Outfit Browser will let you create, pick and manage outfits from a gallery

Media content is handled with the VLC plugin on Windows, while the macOS version still uses QuickTime

Media content on Linux remains with Gstreamer, but can be switched to VLC by editing skins/mime_types_linux.xml

You can upload and play back sounds of up to 60 seconds

The macOS version now use a gamma of 2.2 which improves tonal range of the scene.

You can test and adjust voice microphone and volume without an active session

Almost complete localization of the viewer to German

Added functionality in support of the OpenSim Export function

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail about fixes and additions in this release.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log.

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5 Responses to “Kokua OpenSim Viewer Released”

  1. Herbert

    When will there be a new Second Life viewer?

  2. NickyP

    I hope to begin the release process as soon as SL releases the default viewer with Lib-VLC included. The test viewers at https://sourceforge.net/projects/kokua.team-purple.p/files/Kokua-SL/ are very close in functionally to the coming release.

  3. Herbert

    Cool, thank you and looking forward to it.

  4. André Verwijs

    kokua doesn’t run on OpenSUSE, but i’ll try on Kubuntu ….

  5. Lynne

    It’s running well on Kitely.