Linux update from Third Party Viewer meeting 15 July 2016

Pantera P√≥lnocy(sp) uploads youtube recordings of all Third Party Viewer (TPV) meetings. This is a great service to those of us that are working or just don’t like meetings. Linked is the 15 July 2016 meeting.

Discussed at the meeting was the lack of voice support for Linux and that no additional support from the vendor, Vivox, Inc. would be forthcoming.

Discussed also was that some TPV projects, Kokua included, had backed out the changes that broke voice on Linux. Drakeo provided the code that allowed Kokua to reinstate voice on Linux. Our implementation of Drakeo’s changes were to use separate source code files and compile voice at the end of the compile process during platform specific code compile. To maintain compatibility Windows and Mac code for voice were also moved to platform specific compile.

Oz Linden mentioned that security concerns led LL to the latest changes by Vivox that broke Linux. Reading between lines it appears that the security holes are, or have been, exploited in world by greifers. Oz recommends that the older versions of SLVoice not be used on any platform, including Linux, and that there are a series of changes planned,if not adopted, will break voice on all platforms.

Suggested was for Linux to run the Windows SLVoice.exe instance under Wine.

I have never run Wine so, I request a Linux user volunteer to wright a README file outlining procedures to use a Wine instance of Windows SLVoice.exe and have it operate correctly from Linux.

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  1. Jenni

    I’ve briefly done this in my early SL days, around 2009… in essence you just invoke the executable with:
    wine SLVoice.exe

    If you want to make sure there’s no odd libraries accidentally being loaded you can set a wineprefix (which will be 64bit on a 64bit Linux installation and 32bit on a 32bit installation):
    WINEPREFIX=/opt/kokua/wine wine SLVoice.exe
    Normally, 32bit and 64bit windows application should run with that.

    Or if you need/want to force 32bit Wine environment – the architecture cannot be changed on an existing wineprefix:
    WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX=/opt/kokua/wine SLVoice.exe

    The other option is to compile a windows binary with winelib to run as “native” Linux application, I have never done this. There’s some instructions here:

    If you want/need to mess with the wine configuration:
    WINEPREFIX=/opt/kokua/wine winecfg

    You could possibly ship the directory created by wineprefix along with the Kokua binary. Offhand I don’t remember what parameters SLVoice needs, if you want I can certainly try to run it via Wine and check.

  2. Peeter Tamerlane

    Please tell for Oz Linden, if dont supporting Linux users community, please dont use linux on servers, soo take off all SL server. because really disgusting the word of servers, the gameservers running on linux, enjoy all big ritch holding the free linux stuffs, and making big profit with that, but dont suporting linux users…
    The LL was lazy upgrading the linux sl client read me txt in last 6 year… Maybe dont changed nothing in last 6 year? That company totally pee on linux users head…

  3. NickyP

    About the same time I posted this Inara Pey provided her weekly project updates. Her reporting covers the entire TPV meeting and can be found at:

  4. NickyP

    You can’t tell vendors specifically how to conduct their business. I think LL could have enforced contract T&C’s, if they existed, to encourage Vivox to continue to provide the original 3 platforms. Perhaps this was one of the reasons to stop supporting Linux viewers.

    I don’t know how much of LL network back bone is Linux. But, the last I checked the server code was built with Visual Studio.

  5. NickyP

    This has VLC with audio still on gstreamer. Video streams are on vlc.
    Nicky D of Firestorm provided a change as you had suggested to place a win32 folder in the archive with the windows version of most up to date voice. In debug settings search for “FSLinux” and the search will go to the FSLinuxEnableWin32VoiceProxy setting. Testers on Firestorm say it works on their test builds; Drakeo nor I have been able to get it to work. Firestorm will have this in their next release which is a few days behind schedule.

    Concerning VLC the file mime_types_linux.xml in the skins folder can be changed between gstreamer and vlc by media type to test different plugins without a recompile.

    64 bit linux is not ready yet.

  6. Jenni

    Just a quick FYI: 4.1.1 (39547) (32bit) works flawlessly, including voice via Wine and CEF. Didn’t even need to install it. :)

    THANK YOU and the team for all your great efforts!