Kokua- Released

Release brings Kokua to parity with Second Life version and Marine Kelley’s RLV version

If a test version is currently installed, the automatic update feature will not function. A separate download and install is needed.


Provided a menu and preference to disable jumping with the keyboard.

Added a preference to Enable RLV at Preferences->Kokua.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log. Change log

Please refer to ticket system has a vote for individual tickets. I would like to use this to determine which is most needed for bugs and which is most desired for features. Also, there is an accumulation of old tickets that need review. If you submitted a ticket under the old Redmine system, those were copied to the ticket system and need review for relevance.

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4 Responses to “Kokua- Released”

  1. Erik

    Thank you:) Works fine.

  2. Eva

    I use the 64 bit Linux version. I visited the Fantasy Faire today and crashed and froze a gazillion times. Eventually the viewer seemed broken, so I downloaded it again, but I still kept crashing (now even back in my home). So I deleted the .kokua folder with settings, cache etc. Kokua created a new settings folder and after I logging back in, I was not crashing anymore. But I encountered heavy texture trashing. After investigating the problem, I found that in Preferences -> Graphics -> Hardware the Texture Memory was set to 2048 MB. That is the actual size of my graphics memory. But before I reinstalled the viewer it was only set to 512 MB. According to the forum, this is the max in the official viewer. Firestorm does not let me set it above 1024 MB. I lowered the setting now to 1500 MB and the texture trashing problem is gone. Everything is working fine.
    I have no idea if this is a bug or a SL problem or limit. Do you know anything about this?

  3. NickyP

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve known about texture thrashing and placed a comment in the Known Issues section of Release Notes. Which are linked from the Help-> About Kokua floater. And is linked below.

    – Texture thrashing may occur at a clean install or settings wipe due to texture memory being set at maximum. This does not occur on all GPU cards. The workaround is simple; Open Preferences->Graphics->Hardware and while observing the scene lower the Texture memory (MB) slider until texture thrashing stops.

    I don’t know which is better. Limit to 512MB with no texture thrashing or provide the ability for improve performance for those who have additional memory on their GPU.

    As far as crashing. I would need the full settings folder .kokua archived and emailed in order to pursue the crash. Their continues to be flaky behavior when logging on to OpenSim and then SL and vice-versa.

    This behavior came when merging RLV into Kokua.

    Hopefully Marine can add the ability to take maybe 2/3 of the max GPU memory as an active setting.

  4. Eva

    Thank you for the quick response, Nicky. When investigating, I found out that Firestorm does not let you set the memory above 1024 MB. Do you think that would make sense for Kokua as well? I mean there may be people that have no idea how to solve this issue. Took me 3 hours. A lower default might be a good idea. But then you say it is only certain GPUs? I use a GTX 660 btw with 2048 MB.