Kokua with RLV 2.9.15 and code update to SecondLife 3.8.6 — Request for test

Kokua with RLV version 2.9.15 merge is available for download and testing. This includes updates to SecondLife version 3.8.6.

This should be a release version but, I want to put that off as there are many LL maintenance changes included. Past experience shows that these types of changes don’t always merge correctly.
Some but not all areas to test:
Inventory handling.
Outfit remove and replace.
Individual wearable items remove from avatar and wear from inventory.
Mesh model upload.
File uploads.

Please review: Testing Best Practices

If there is an issue, try to confirm it with the RLV viewer. If it repeats in RLV file an issue on Marine’s issue tracker.

If it exists only on Kokua file a ticket.

I recommend using the beta grid (aditi) for testing until you have a warm fuzzy about using on agni with your main avatar.


Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit



9 Responses to “Kokua with RLV 2.9.15 and code update to SecondLife 3.8.6 — Request for test”

  1. Jenni

    So far it seems to be working mostly fine (the 64bit Linux version, on Kubuntu 15.10).

    * Wear/Unwear from Inventory works. “Remove all from current outfit” when clicking on a folder sometimes leaves some items worn – can’t reliably reproduce that error though, still investigating.
    * Wear/Unwear from Outfits also works, same random issue as from Inventory.
    * RLV seems to work, tested with a custom script that runs through all RLV functions.

  2. Eric

    No big problems so far. I am using Linux Mint 64 bit. Only thing I noticed is, that I keep getting a pop up every time I start the viewer: “RestrainedLove support will be disabled after you restart”. Every time when I start the viewer and again after I logged in.
    Also, not specific to this viewer, I am wondering why in the graphics settings – Mesh detail for Objects is always set to Low, even when I move the slider to Ultra Settings?

  3. NickyP

    What you describe may be a shutdown crash or the system not being able to access the .kokua folder.
    The RLV Unable/Disable flag is Advanced->RLV Enable/Disable. This needs set at least once after starting a first instance of Kokua when
    ,kokua folder does not exist.

    Preferences are written to .kokua as part of a normal shut down. If you just shut your system down without going thru a quit process that may also result
    in preferences not being written.

    You will need to look at the .kokua/kokua.log file to see if it is a normal shutdown.

  4. David Venter

    Tested this with extremely poor performance on OS X El Capitan 10.11.2 Beta (15C31f). Kokua loads the world at 0.4 FPS regardless of graphic settings (I get at least 20-30 on mid/high in other viewers). Kokua then locks up completely after about a minute causing my entire system to lock up with high memory and CPU load. Then the spinning beachball comes in and I have to force-quit or force shut-down/restart my Mac.

  5. Gavin Hird


    We currently have not tested the build on 10.11.2 beta while trying to verify the issue with GPU restart on 10.11.x in general.

    There is a new build this morning made with the Xcode 7.1.1 compiler that does not crash the GPU on my test systems, so if you could be kind to download and test that from https://bitbucket.org/dayturn/kokua-mac/downloads

    Also make sure that you clear out all the crash reports and dump files from ~/Library/Application Support/Kokua/logs/ and see if the viewer starts up smoother.

    The Mac Crashreporter that is Linden code in the viewer does not seem to be able to handle these files in any situation and you may see that the Mac Crashreporter is running 100% on startup both on the LL viewer and Kokua.

  6. NickyP
  7. David Venter

    The new build that you’ve provided through the link in the comments performs much better. It is no longer stuck at 0.4 FPS and it no longer causes my entire system to lock up. Yay!

  8. lord

    There is already a bug fix version of RLV available:

  9. NickyP

    Current release version has fix RLV included:
    http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/2015/11/17/kokua-3-8-6-37336-released/ ?