Volunteer needed to produce Kokua icons

Volunteer needed to produce Kokua icons for Test and Beta versions. This would be reversing the colors of the present icons and adding TEST and BETA at the top, bottom or vertically on the icons.

Current icons:

We will give credit in About Kokua and the mercurial changeset for the submissions.

4 Responses to “Volunteer needed to produce Kokua icons”

  1. Toppy

    Will make a start on it today and send then to you for consideration :-)

  2. Toppy

    I will start on them today and send them to you for consideration :-)

  3. Richard Ault

    If you haven’t gotten these done yet, I’ve made up the .bpm, .png and .ico versions. I don’t have a mac nor do I see any tools to convert to mac .icns format.

  4. Toppy

    @Richard ..

    you can find an online converter for MAC .icns and other formats at https://iconverticons.com/online/