Kokua- Released

Release brings Kokua to parity with Second Life version 3.8.4, DAE Mesh Uploader cohort and Marine Kelly’s RLV version 2.9.14.

Thanks to Topaz Harley for testing on linux Fedora 22, Arch Linux and Debian Stretch, to Chorazin Allen and Jenni for RLV testing.

Topaz Harley authored a Linux Install Setup Readme which has tips on optimizing the viewer for linux.

If a test version is currently installed, the automatic update feature will not function. A separate download and install is needed.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log. Change log

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail about fixes and additions in this release.

Kokua’s ticket system has a vote for individual tickets. I would like to use this to determine which is most needed for bugs and which is most desired for features. Also, there is an accumulation of old tickets that need review. If you submitted a ticket under the old Redmine system, those were copied to the ticket system and need review for relevance.

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9 Responses to “Kokua- Released”

  1. NickyP

    Tickets below have been posted since release.
    There are some appearance and wear take off items
    problems and workarounds documented.

  2. André

    On OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1 B1 almost all packages available :)
    (no QT webkit, but i will try to find it)

    within “Linux Install Setup Readme” i read that JRE is required. witch version should i install? 7, 8 …


  3. Jenni

    I’m not on OpenSUSE (Kubuntu user here), but I do have OpenJDK 7 JRE installed on Ubuntu – seems to work fine. I could have sworn Kokua ran fine without JRE too tho, I don’t recall installing JRE on my laptop, only on my work & desktop PCs.

  4. André

    ok :) i have JRE/JDK 8u60 (from java website) so should work to…

    Thank you…

  5. Toppy


    JRE 7 or 8 just fine … I tend to use the latest packages available.

    QT Webkit on SUSE is libQtWebKit4 …. if my memory serves me right


    Not sure what the viewer does with JRE, :-) but if you run Kokua in a console you will see it recognizes the JRE version installed

  6. André

    I use Opensuse leap with plasma 5 so i need libQtWebKit5
    but i didden’t have problem with previous versions of Kokua so should be good :)


  7. Toppy

    I’m running a copy of Tumbleweed at the moment with Gnome … love the rolling release :-)

  8. Peeter Tamerlane

    For me still problem on opensuse, with gnome (not rolling) I read Toppy linux faq, but my first rule: if need using more than one line in terminal, I dont use that product… Soo I dont will making any library, all other bigger viewer running for me fine with full functionality (including test versions)…
    I think kokua in last times, left one way, what was good almost everyone, and working well with little problems, and we step on unwalkable way…

  9. NickyP

    openSUSE 13.2 delivers libffi.so.4.0.1
    Kokua is built with debian stretch and uses libffi.so.6

    Toppy found that a symlink libffi.so.6 to libffi.so.4.0.1 allows the viewer to start.

    However, there are other issues with UI buttons installed on the side not sizing correctly.

    These problems don’t happen on Tumbleweed so I think there must be more libraries with Kokua complied with newer versions.

    Thank you for using Kokua and commenting about your concerns. I think installing Tumbleweed would most likely solve the
    issues. But, I understand that might not be possible in your situation.

    Sorry we haven’t meet you expectations of only one entry in Terminal.

    Maybe after openSUSE Release catches up with Tumbleweed you will give Kokua another try.