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Kokua- Test

Kokua- Test is ready for download and testing. Normally, we don’t announce test viewer availability but, this viewer fixes Experience Profiles for SL users and handles the My Suitcase folder for OpenSim users. The My Suitcase patch was submitted to Kokua and other OpenSim viewer projects by Cinder Roxley. Since this Kokua Test viewer effects potentially more than just a few users I felt the blog announcement appropriate.

Download links:

MD5 011ee3d92f4da87496de20f580019d5f *Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i386.dmg

Linux 32 bit
MD5 63a5ba91078c6c8480bba8d623a62a19 Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i686.tar.bz2

Linux 64 bit
MD5 83eef049db3474cd080b3eed1447a3a5 *Kokua_NT_64_Test_3_8_3_38326_x86_64.tar.bz2

MD5 6611b2f890942e6ddbe4db66bd675098 *Kokua_Test_3_8_3_38326_i686_Setup.exe

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Release brings Kokua to parity with Second Life version 3.8.2, a Viewer Managed Marketplace cohort.

Thanks to Gavin Hird aka Dayturn, for volunteering to produce the Mac version with New Tools.
Gavin develops an OpenSim grid which uses Mac as its server host. Additional information is available at the xmir blog.

If a test version is currently installed, the automatic update feature will not function. A separate download and install is needed.

We were unable to include RLV in this version. After release and depending on RLV parity with the SL viewer we plan to produce a Kokua test viewer with RLV.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log. changelog

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail about fixes and additions in this release.

Kokua’s ticket system has a vote for individual tickets. I would like to use this to determine which is most needed for bugs and which is most desired for features. Also, there is an accumulation of old tickets that need review. If you submitted a ticket under the old Redmine system, those were copied to the ticket system and need review for relevance.

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For Linux users: The linux 64 and 32 bit versions have many rebuilt libraries. Many of these had not been updated since 2009. I expect the viewer will not operate on any distribution older than Debain current stable code named Jessie and those that use it as an upstream distribution. Those with older distributions can continue to use the last version. The viewers are packaged with to give some compatibility to older distributions. If you try to stay on the cutting edge of linux distributions and experience a startup crash try removing libstdc++ from the viewer which will allow the viewer to use the system version.