Avination grid and Kokua

Below is from Kokua Ticket #349.

Reports from several sources that Kokua crashes after a short while of operation on Avination Grid are confirmed. These crashes are actually excessive memory leaks that are related to HTTP Texture pipe lining as implemented in Kokua and its interaction with Avination servers. With Develop->HTTP Textures, debug setting httpPipelining, unchecked Kokua operates correctly and doesn’t crash. Avination gird is the only grid known to have this problem. As such the work around for Avination users is to un-check Develop->HTTP Textures or set the httpPipelining debug setting to FALSE.

Testing was on Windows. Request users of other platforms test and comment about results in the ticket which is linked above.

3 Responses to “Avination grid and Kokua”

  1. Furio Little

    Ho provato a mettere False in HTTPipeling sembra che funziona ma quando indosso gli Alpha il corpo sembra frammentato, comunque, grazie :)

  2. furio little

    Ho risolto il problema dell’alpha, dovevo solo pulire la cache, grazie :)

  3. Furio Little

    Oggi 24 agosto 2015 in Avination stanno abilitando HTTPipeline, ho provato Kokua Kokua_3_8_2_35975_i686 e funziona, e’ sol0o molto lento a caricare ma penso sia dovuto alla manutenzione.

    From Google Translate:
    Today August 24, 2015 in Avination are enabling HTTPipeline, I tried Kokua Kokua_3_8_2_35975_i686 and works, and ‘sol0o very slow to load, but I think it’s due to maintenance.