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Kokua-3.7.26-35224 Released

Release brings Kokua to Second Life version 3.7.25, a Maintenance Release cohort and to RLV version

Thanks to our users Karin Korpov, Dayturn, and Andre Verwijs for trying test viewers and reporting results.

If a test version is currently installed, the automatic update feature will not function. A separate download and install is needed.

Kokua does not use the RLV start-up restriction feature. This feature causes the viewer have a black screen for as much as a minute when first starting the viewer. If this feature is important to you, use the RLV viewer.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log. CHANGELOG.txt

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail about fixes and additions in this release.


A note for OpenSimulator users. Kokua-3.7.26 operates correctly on all OpenSim grids including OpenSim standalone installations. As such, the separate Kokua-OpenSim viewer is being discontinued.