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Kokua- Released

Release brings Kokua to RLV version In our last version, Kokua-3.7.24, problems with
avatar appearance and it tie (bridge) into inventory and from inventory into appearance existed with RLV disabled.

Hopefully these issues are resolved, thanks to our users Chorazin Allen, Peeter Tamerlane, Annalena Faromet, Karin Korpov and Topaz Harley who installed several test viewers and reported results.

Kokua does not use the RLV start-up restriction feature. This feature causes the viewer have a black screen for as much as a minute when first starting the viewer. If this feature is important to you, use the RLV viewer.

For a complete list of changes please see the change log. CHANGELOG.txt

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.


A note for OpenSimulator users. Kokua-3.7.25 operates correctly on 3RD Rock Grid, Great Canadian Grid and jOpenSimWorld. It may crash on other grids so, if needed on other grids please use the Kokua-OpenSim viewer.