Kokua-3.7.24 Released

***A clean install is recommended for this update.***

This release changes upstream Restrained Love Viewer capability from RLVa to RLV. The RLV viewer published by Marine Kelley tracks changes to SL’s viewer very closely. Tracking closely to the SL viewer is something that Kokua has always done. Added is the ability to select RLV as a main menu entry and in most cases bypass RLV activity in Kokua code. Default behavior is that RLV will not be present. Recommendation for a clean install is because of the different settings presented by having RLV versus RLVa in the last Kokua release. Please confirm any issues with Kokua’s RLV implementation by using upstream RLV which may be downloaded from here. For those that have used Kokua weekly / test viewers in the past few weeks; if you do not clean install you may experience a notification at viewer start about restarting to change RLV mode because the default is set to RLV off and settings in your local setting file is RLV on. You will need select off/on once more in order to sync the on/off selection. This can be avoided with a clean install.

The SL additions below update the respective release candidate cohort viewers. These were originally merged into Kokua in versions 3.7.21 and 3.7.22 before the candidates made release. This release completes those early merges.

– SL Release 3.7.21 Snowstorm Fall Contributions Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.22 Fix Crash on launch in GPU benchmark Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.23 Maintenance Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.24 Pipelining Enhancements Cohort Release Notes

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.


A note for OpenSimulator users. Kokua-3.7.24 operates correctly on 3RD Rock Grid, Great Canadian Grid and jOpenSimWorld. It may crash on other grids so, if needed on other grids please use the Kokua-OpenSim viewer.

31 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.24 Released”

  1. Gavin Hird

    I tested it on my xmir grid and it crash. I am pretty sure the problem is related to how inventory items are fetched. Most opensim grids don’t implement http inventory access (as in served from an address different than localhost), so when you enter one with a version of the viewer that don’t the inventory will be empty of user content.

    The second you try to access an inventory item such as a landmark in the toolbar, the viewer will crash as it is unable to retrieve it from inventory. Turning off http inventory in the Develop menu does not make any change. – Maybe Linden deprecated the old UDP inventory access in their code after they started using the content delivery network?

    The OpenSimDefaults.ini file has the following section under the ClientStack.LindenCaps] section

    ; Capabilities for fetching inventory over HTTP rather than UDP
    ; FetchInventoryDescendents2 and FetchInventory2 are the ones used in the latest Linden Lab viewers (from some point in the v2 series and above)
    ; It appears that Linden Lab viewer 3.3.1 onwards will not work properly if FetchInventoryDescendents2 and FetchInventory2 are not enabled
    Cap_WebFetchInventoryDescendents = “”
    Cap_FetchInventoryDescendents2 = “localhost”
    Cap_FetchInventory2 = “localhost”

    Where the caps are described in http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Current_Sim_Capabilities

    It would be interesting to know how these caps are served up on the grids where the viewer works.

  2. Gavin Hird

    OK, What I found is this:


    Cap_FetchInventoryDescendents2 = “localhost”
    Cap_FetchInventory2 = “localhost”

    In the [ClientStack.LindenCaps] section of OpenSim.ini to replace localhost with a wellformed URL will stop it from crashing. So in my case, this will work:

    Cap_FetchInventoryDescendents2 = “http://grid.xmir.org”
    Cap_FetchInventory2 = “http://grid.xmir.org”

    It will however not serve up the inventory as http, so enabling http inventory from the Develop menu will produce an empty inventory, a ruth-ed avatar and the Favorites bare will be empty.

    Relogging with the http inventory disabled from the Develop menu will produce an empty inventory, the avatar will render properly with all textures, attachments and attached scripts running, and the Favorites bar will be populated. If you don’t touch any inventory related functions of the viewer it will not crash and it will be possible to talk to the next sim with the avatar and attachments surviving.

    With http inventory turned off, trying to take a teleport via a favorite will crash the viewer as will search the inventory. Strangely in this case the inventory will count up the number of items, so it is talking to the inventory at some level.

    To fix it you probably have to add back code from the working opensim version. I will also create a mantis for opensim to see if something can be done server side to fix this issue.

  3. Gavin Hird

    should be “…walk to the next sim…” in the post above

  4. NickyP

    @Gavin Hird,
    Thanks for the additional testing.
    Please do file an opensim Mantis.
    I would like to link with Ticket #299 in Kokua’s ticket system.
    Can you copy / paste your comments into that ticket so we can have more permanent and reachable log of activity for this work?
    i know its painful but, that will require a userid registration in sourceforge.

  5. Annalena Faromet


    I tested the new release for macintosh and it seems to be totally useless with RLV activated, cause everything is black around, no zoom with scroll wheel, region hidden, even before were no restriction setted. Viewer seems to restrict user by itself. Sadly not useable for me.


  6. NickyP

    cause everything is black around

    That is a behavior that came from RLV. There is a one minute black period after log on to prevent looking at surroundings. I don’t like it either.
    I would suggest filing an an issue with Marine.

  7. NickyP
  8. Gavin Hird

    Nicky, I posted the comments to the ticket and some additional info. I have asked one of the developers for more info before making a Mantis.

  9. Annalena Faromet

    this behavior is stupid cause there is no reason to behave like this!
    I do not wear any blindfold, what would preventing me from look around. This is a “feature” without asking the user. Sorry for you guys but, this viewer is for me not acceptable as it is.

  10. Annalena Faromet

    ….and beside Marine is at RLV cause of any bugs, so the RLV in Kokua is outdated

  11. Annalena Faromet

    I was trying the viewer with RLV active again and the darkness of the new feature from Marine doesn’t disappear not after short time and not after 10 minutes so there must be something wrong with it.

  12. NickyP

    I just switched over and relogged and it came through fairly quickly.
    Did you start with a clean install (/me ducks)? On windows with
    C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local]kokua and C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Kokua

    btw, Thanks for caring enough to check out Kokua and commenting.

    Also, Kokua will likely always be behind Marines’ RLV. In building a release there has to be a no change point before release.
    Building the four platforms and documentation takes about 3 days. Everything has to stop while that takes place. I plan to resume building weeklies
    next week, At that time the current fixes for RLV will be included.
    On the Source Forge project page that is a place to subscribe to updates.

    If anyone else has an RLV issue please add a comment.

  13. Corvan Nansen

    I’m also trying RLV with the latest version, on Mac, and also not seeing the darkness go away after several minutes.

  14. NickyP

    Please provide complete system information with About->Kokua and copy to clipboard.

    Please use Ticket #327 for that and provide any other information that may help find
    a common cause.

    I don’t think Marine has a Mac Release but if she does try to replicate on RLV.

  15. Corvan Nansen

    I’ve added everything relevant to the ticket, including info on the latest Mac RLV (Kitten Ninetails’ port) which is at and doesn’t show the issue with the startup restrictions not going away.

    Hope this helps, other than the RLV problem, the viewer looks great!

  16. mylie foxclaw

    I noticed while changing outfits that its not letting me wear my alpha layers and shoe base. How to fix that?

  17. NickyP

    Please file a tickets at Source Forge.

    Try to use add for the alpha. If you can add then it may be a problem with changing outfits.

  18. Annalena Faromet

    Hey NickyP, sure I did a clean installation, cause it was the first Kokua installation since long time ago. If I can read her, I’m not the only one who had problems with the RLV activated, so it isn’t me !:) The other things I couldn’t check cause of not seeing anything then me an the black surrounding :), but I will if it is fixed.

  19. NickyP

    Start up RLV restrictions removed for MAC.
    Download from here.

  20. Annalena Faromet

    Thank you very much for removing the startup restrictions, now it looks good for me.
    One more thing is, I’m badly missing is the “worn” tab at my inventory. I am very accustomed
    to use this tab for removing worn attachments. It would be very nice to get this feature back again.All other seems to work well for me, of course i will do some more tests soon.


  21. Teagan Tobias

    I also used the “worn” tab, a lot. But now there is “Current Outfit” folder in your inventory, and it works the same, only better. And if you use “My Outfits” to dress, there will be a link to the outfit you have on also. So if you take something off, you can get back to that outfit easily from “Current Outfit”.

  22. Annalena Faromet

    OK, till now I was accustomed to use “worn” tab, but its true, its also possible to use the “current outfit” folder. An other thing I have noticed when I was out for shopping in a mall with many sculpts and mesh.
    I was running against not visible walls and things the were not rezzed for me. So I thought, ok you need a relog and clean cache!? OK, so I reloged and cleared my cache, but when I came back no changes, objects do not rezz for me. I was trying to find out what was wrong and had a look into my graphic settings. When I switched of “Object Overload Protection” the world starts rezzing around myself, wow what a nice mall and sim! So my question, is it possible to change some settings of this “protection” ?


  23. NickyP

    I have opened Ticket #330 for requests to change default settings.

  24. lord

    RLV is now at

  25. NickyP

    RLV is now at

    I watch that closely through bitbucket.org notifications off Marine’ code repository. It takes three days to publish a Kokua release. So, if I start now and Marine continue to code and publishes release and prehaps Kokua will still be behind.

    Don’t expect Kokua to track every RLV version change within a day of its publication.

    If Kokua is buggy and lacking because of not taking in an RLV version please open a ticket.


  26. Nova Convair

    On 3.7.24 with RLV OFF it’s not possible to add/wear clothes but I can take them off. (sounds perfect? hehe)
    If I switch RLV ON I can add/wear clothes. I can take them off too but that’s only visible when I rebake. (Maybe I just need to wait long enough but I’m not that patient)

    Switched back and forth and used another viewer for verification.

    The black screen at the beginning lasts exactly 5 seconds for me and I can see other avatars (without attachments) if close. Looks pretty pointless.

    Clean install.

  27. NickyP

    Have dropped the black screen restriction. And, not being able to wear /attach /detach with RLV off is fixed.

    Expect to put out a new release soonish.

    What platform are you on? I’ll try to knock out a interim release for that platform and will comment back with a link when done.

  28. Nova Convair

    Running Win8.1-64

  29. NickyP

    Kokua interim Windows download link.

  30. Nova Convair

    All Fixed.

    Still one minor detail:
    When taking off a piece of cloth – it is removed from Appearence/wearing. In inventory it is still flagged as “(worn)” and it’s visible for me and an alt.
    If I do something that forces an update like rebake or replace one cloth by another using wear – it’s taken off then.

  31. NickyP

    I think it’s fixed.

    Please see Ticket #329 for status or to provide additional information.


    Linux 64 bit


    Sorry, no mac or linux 32 bit builds yest.