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Kokua-3.7.24 Released

***A clean install is recommended for this update.***

This release changes upstream Restrained Love Viewer capability from RLVa to RLV. The RLV viewer published by Marine Kelley tracks changes to SL’s viewer very closely. Tracking closely to the SL viewer is something that Kokua has always done. Added is the ability to select RLV as a main menu entry and in most cases bypass RLV activity in Kokua code. Default behavior is that RLV will not be present. Recommendation for a clean install is because of the different settings presented by having RLV versus RLVa in the last Kokua release. Please confirm any issues with Kokua’s RLV implementation by using upstream RLV which may be downloaded from here. For those that have used Kokua weekly / test viewers in the past few weeks; if you do not clean install you may experience a notification at viewer start about restarting to change RLV mode because the default is set to RLV off and settings in your local setting file is RLV on. You will need select off/on once more in order to sync the on/off selection. This can be avoided with a clean install.

The SL additions below update the respective release candidate cohort viewers. These were originally merged into Kokua in versions 3.7.21 and 3.7.22 before the candidates made release. This release completes those early merges.

– SL Release 3.7.21 Snowstorm Fall Contributions Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.22 Fix Crash on launch in GPU benchmark Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.23 Maintenance Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.24 Pipelining Enhancements Cohort Release Notes

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.


A note for OpenSimulator users. Kokua-3.7.24 operates correctly on 3RD Rock Grid, Great Canadian Grid and jOpenSimWorld. It may crash on other grids so, if needed on other grids please use the Kokua-OpenSim viewer.