Kokua is now merged with Marine Kelley’s RLV viewer. Planned release is in January 2015. In the meantime those wanting an early look can download and install a test version from http://tinyurl.com/nxupwxo . Different RLV settings exist internal to this viewer than the current Kokua release so, we recommend a clean install. By default, RLV is disabled. Enable through Advanced -> RLV Enable / Disable main menu selection then, restart the viewer. Hopefully, there will be users / testers that will leave it disabled as both disabled and enabled modes need testing.

Reasoning for this change:

Marine Kelley keeps her RLV viewer very close to the SecondLife viewer code base. Thus, simplifying Kokua’s upstream merge effort.

6 Responses to “Upcoming…”

  1. Gavin Hird

    Question: What are the implications for the opensim version, if any?

  2. NickyP

    None at this time.
    As I get time I dive back into troubleshooting why
    3rd rock, jOpenSimWorlds. greatcanadiangird handle kokua and other
    grids do not. Am guessing it is an inventory service that is
    a module add on for those grids that make them behave like
    LL in that regard.

    Statue is that the Library inventory shows but the user (My Inventory) does not.

    I am hoping for a volunteer to help with that.

  3. Gavin Hird

    I can log on fine with the Kokua opensim version on my own grid at HG grid.xmir.org:8002 but when ran as standalone, it crashed after a few minutes.

    My own grid is a bog standard opensim hypergrid implementation running the Robust service. I was never able to figure out why it crashed on the standalone, but I suspect it was lack of services more than anything else.

    I shall be happy to help any way I can. Grid web address is http://www.xmir.org

  4. JenD

    No idea how to submit bug reports, but:
    On both the 3.7.24 and 3.7.22 it’s impossible to add or remove at least alpha layers from inventory. Right-clicking and “add” or “take off” does nothing. This is both with RLV enabled and disabled. In the LL viewer this works fine.

    And a minor feature request: With the Starlight skin for the LL viewer the map can be shrunk much smaller and the maps option panel can be collapsed which is very useful for sailors/pilots. I don’t know how difficult it would be to add that. The original LL viewer doesn’t have that, but the Starlight skin enables the feature, so maybe it’s just a skinning feature?

    Other than that, totally LOVING the viewer. Close enough to the LL viewer to be an easy transition, nice and sensible added features. Thanks for making this viewer.

  5. NickyP

    Thanks for commiting.
    Bug report can be filled here.

    The alpha layer issue was present several versions back. Maybe it is a reverted behavior. Will check it out.

  6. NickyP

    I can’t reproduce on 3.7.22(windows). Made new alpha using default transparent texture and was able to add and remove from Appearance->wearing.

    Do you have an AMD video driver as there are reports about failing to render mesh with a current driver?

    The workaround is the turn off hardware skinning in the graphics preferences.