Kokua-3.7.21 is released.

***A clean install is recommended for this update.***

Kokua-3.7.21 is released. However, taking into account the cohort’s merged in early and if SL merges these in one at a time the version is about 3.7.24 and one-half. The half being the attachments cohort that went in early and then SL withdrew and reissued the cohort with additional changes. This last set if changes are not included in this release.

– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.21 and includes cohort merges as indicated below.

– SL Release 3.7.12 Maintenance Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.13 Group Ban Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.14 Library Refresh Cohort Release Notes This necessiated a build of all the updated libraries for Linux 64 bit platform.

– SL Release 3.7.15 Snowstorm Summer Contributions Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.16 Maintenance and Small Features Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.17 New Login Screen Cohort — Merged and then backed out Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.18 POODLE exploit (SSLv3) fix Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.19 HTTP Pipelining Cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.20 Attachments Cohort (merged while still in cohort status) Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.20 GPU Benchmarking Cohort Release Notes GPU Bench-marking provides a short bench mark routine at start-up for Graphics Card selection thus, doing away the GPU Table file previously used for initial Graphics Card selection. On my older HP desktop with AMD graphics the bench mark forced a change in card used and that appeared to provide better FPS once logged in. On my alienware laptop bench mark changed to a different card but selected a low graphics setting that I was able to move to a higher setting in preferences. This higher setting persisted after a re log.

– SL Release 3.7.21 Snowstorm Fall Contributions Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.21 Maintenance Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.21 Pipelining Enhancements Cohort (still in cohort status) Release Notes

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.

The full listing of changes added are in this CHANGELOG.txt file.


3 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.21 is released.”

  1. ross

    hello, I really like your viwer, because it has the new design and is lightweight .I only two problems that I hope you can help me .the first is that I see no direct connections of slurl browser, or if you could kindly explain to them how I can put them? the second is that having two accounts, I’ve seen that does not give the option to save the names of the two accounts, that is, every time I have to rewrite, not me gives them saved .can you help me to solve, if there ‘a way’ cause I would install the viewer.attend your own help.thanks and excuse my bad bad english.hope you understand how can say,if don’t understand any words,say me.thanks a lot :)

  2. NickyP

    Thank you for taking time to comment.

    By slurl browser do you mean while in a browser (Chrome, etc) you click on a slurl and Kokua does not run. Or, Kokua runs but the intended location is not found.

    Please use the ticket system to report problems in detail. It is here.

    The added accounts drop down request is in the ticket system.

    If I see more comment added to that ticket I will move up its priority.

  3. ross

    ok understand,i have read the tickets,and i see there aren’t solutions for now.hope soon in the next viewer versions.thanks.bye