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OpenSim branch release Kokua-

Version numbering for the OpenSim branch is to use the last merged SL version and add a digit when newer features are cherry picked. This version is 3.7.8 the last merged SL version plus one(1). Current version number handling doesn’t make room for another decimal point delimiter. SL version 3.7.20 GPU bench marking has been cherry picked. This provides a short bench mark routine at start-up for Graphics Card selection thus, doing away the GPU Table file previously used for initial Graphics Card selection. On my older HP desktop with AMD graphics the bench mark forced a change in card used and that appeared to provide better FPS once logged in. On my super duper alienware laptop bench mark changed to a different card but selected a low graphics setting that I was able to move to a higher setting in preferences. This higher setting persisted after a re log. After this release finalized I noticed a crash bug report on SL jira and some attempts to resolve same with bug fixes. Those affected by these crashes may wish to rollback and install Kokua-OpenSim-3.7.8. Once SL fixes the crashes weekly test builds will be updated with the fix.

Please refer to Release Notes for more detail of fixes and additions in this release.