Linux users of Kokua.

Issues with starting Kokua have been reported on some distributions that did not show up while testing the viewer on debian or ubuntu.

Slackware and Linux Mint 17 seem to be affected.

Slackware did not tolerate the absence of gridargs.dat.

Mint script commands did not interpret library paths.

Attached file kokua.txt at ticket #305 is a replacement ./kokua script. This is in a .txt file so it would be best to use as a guide to edit or copy/paste into
your live ./kokua script. The file is also in Files->Weekly on Sourceforge.

This change will be in the Weekly viewer downloads next week.

3 Responses to “Linux users of Kokua.”

  1. NickyP

    Rrefreshed the file kokua.txt in Files->Weekly.
    The original file I uploaded Sept 4 was missing the Slackware fix.

  2. Peeter Tamerlane

    I see different problem on opensuse, with 64 bit linux, I cant hide my look-at, but I setup that in preferences, and in debug settings too… others see my look-at, and its dam violate my privacy, and I think this is chrime in EU (not the kokuas scripters guilt if peoples pissed off others privacy)

  3. NickyP

    First report of this. Please file a ticket.