OpenSim branch release Kokua-

Kokua has branched off OpenSim viewer development and releases. For now, both the Second Life and OpenSim viewers operate in both grid environments, however, crashes on some OpenSim grids will likely happen when using the Second Life version on some Opensim grids. The release of Kokua.3.7.12 exposed some vulnerabilities of having one viewer handle both environments. The problem with Kokua-3.7.12 was that it could log on and perform well on some OpenSim grids but, would hang and then crash on others. Particularly troublesome was that it would crash on a standalone instance built from opensim git Master , OpenSim’s development track. Also, as reported by Inara Pey LindenLab is moving to content delivery network (CDN) for Meshes and Textures and plans drop UDP portocol once CDN is adopted. I suspect there will be a delay while the OpenSim core developers determine how best to approach those changes.

Release Notes link.

Downloads link.

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  1. Gavin Hird

    Good initiative!

    I think i tested 20 different configs for a standalone to get the 3.7.12 to load, but were never able to figure out why it crashed. I suspect groups is the culprit as osgrid has a different group server than the standard distribution even in grid mode. Search is also a candidate where there are different search options being use.

    Thanks for all the good work you guys put into this!

  2. Nick Zwart

    Downloaded it and got stuck on the fact that I can not add my own grid to the grid manager. Somehow it freezes there. I use Windows 8.1

  3. NickyP

    Hi Nick thanks for the comment,

    I added my grid but, my grid resides on the lan. I have a desktop/host with opensim running and my laptop has Kokua-OpenSim viewer. I was able to add it.

    If you want you may send your grid details to me via email and I will try and add it.

  4. Roger Tann

    As of 4th September 2014 my Kokua viewer is no longer functioning. Im probably not the only user with this problem.
    For “Sim on a Stick” Singularity still works fine if you change the local host to 9100 from 9000.
    As for OSGrid just pray1

  5. NickyP

    Thanks for commenting.

    Doesn’t work is not definitive. Please file an issue.

    If on linux please look over this post.

  6. Isis Ophelia

    Windows 8.1 64bits. I installed Kokua_3_7_27_35441_i686 and it worked fine. I love how Kokua shows my screen when using Ultra in graphics perfect for screenshots. But suddendly it stopped working. Each time I start it, it crashes and the systems says “Kokua stopped working. We are looking for a solution” or something similar but nothing happens.

    I have deinstalled it and reinstalled but no change. Is there somewhere a log saved so I could see what is happening or post for you here?

    Many thanks in advance for your time

  7. NickyP

    Try a clean install.

    What grid are you connecting to?

  8. Isis Ophelia

    Thank you for your answer and will follow your advice and try again. I use Kokua in opensim grids.

  9. Isis Ophelia

    Thank you bunches, your advice solved the problem YAY