Kokua-3.7.12 is released

This release includes over 2200 changes. With that much touching there are likely hidden problems. Please report these in the Kokua ticket system on sourceforge.

Special recognition to Jessica Wabbit for helping with the Interest List (scene loading) merge and UI enhancements.

Known Limitations

– Neither RLV nor RLVa is included. It would have delayed this release significantly to wait on completion and merge up of those features.

– Several opensim grids trigger a Kokua crash at scene presence. Known to work are Osgrid, 3RG, and jOpenSimWorld. All other grids in the grid drop down list trigger a crash. However, Hyper Grid (HG) teleport into grids that are HG open works. So, you could log onto Osgrid and HG teleport to your grid of choice. If you use one of the grids that is crashing contact your grid’s support personnel and see if they can work with the other working grids to determine what the working grids are doing correctly.

– The feature to have your avatar name on the title bar only works when selected after log on. If selected before log on it triggers a crash.

– The walk/run/fly control has to selected at each logon. It does not persist across log on.

– These issues and others are being tracked in Kokua’s ticket system at: Kokua sourceforge tickets


– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.7 through SL 3.7.12. Links to SL release notes for each version are below.

– SL Release 3.7.7 Viewer Interesting (Scene Loading) cohort Release Notes]

– SL Release 3.7.8 Maintenance fixes cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.9 Sunshine (SSB) (AISv3) Memory fixes combined cohorts Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.10 SL Share Facebook, Twitter, Flickr cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.11 Snowstorm contributions cohort Release Notes

– SL Release 3.7.12 Maintenance quick fixes cohort (Not yet in SL Default) Release Notes

Kokua Team Contributions

– The chat text entry bar has tinted background based of the type of conversation. Nearby chat remains as white. The rest of the chat types are
colored as follows: * IM sessions are tinted red. * Group chat sessions are tinted green. * Conference sessions are tinted blue.

– Added preferences for name and grid display in the program title bar.

– Adjusted received items folder to display as a system folder when the preference is on. It was in the normal folders area.

– Ported, with author permission, a change by Aleric Inglewood that prevents wearing of Inventory and Library root folders.

– Included a bug fix by Cinder Roxley concerning LSL assistance file transfer from SL servers. Expect this to be included in SL viewers soon.

– A complete record of changes is here.

20 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.12 is released”

  1. NickyP

    There is a formatting issue on the Preferences->Advanced
    This issue and a workaround is documented in Kokua
    sourceforge ticket 290.


  2. onam

    How can I turn RLV?

  3. onam

    aaaaaaa ok

    Remove reference to RLV veraion from About Kokus as this branch does
    not have RLVa
    [7cd921fe1812] [Kokua-3.7.12]

  4. NickyP

    Thank you.
    Is removed in Nightly.

  5. Mrkirkland

    Thanks I think there is an issue with the search on the Linux version. When I search for a place and try to tp it never lets me this was not something that happened in the old version. So I am kind of confused.

  6. NickyP

    Thank you,
    Please file a ticket here.

  7. Joss

    Install Kokua and it becomes a Complete DISASTER. after installed the new version Kokua 32b over Linux Mint, and then executing intall.sh as root, my /home was dissapeared, the fantastic thing is that I must reinstall the SO again.
    It made a new new directory “backup”, surprise!! EVERYTHING we had at /home directory was moved there. is Crazy.
    Never more this Kokua, thank you

  8. NickyP

    Thanks for taking time the report this problem.
    I have not had any other reports of it.
    I am curious as to why you would put you system at risk by installing as root. The viewer can be installed as a user if the
    user has install program rights. I think that would be a safer approach.
    If anyone else has experienced this issue please comment.

    What version of Linux Mint?
    Was this a download and install or an automatic update install?

  9. Sappadilli Dallagio

    I noticed that Kokua’s grid manager, at present, appears not to allow editing for additional grids to be put into it. I also saw the ticket issued for this problem thus thinking it is something being looked into and worked on. In the meantime, how does one use Kokua to log into their own standalone region?

    I am a Mac OS X Mavericks user and going into the command line with (after changing to the Kokua app’s internal MacOS directory):

    ./Kokua –loginuri

    does not work. What else am I missing or will I be unable to use Kokua until the grid manager fix is part of a future release of Kokua?


  10. Sappadilli Dallagio

    /me sighs…

    It appears the blog’s comment editor did not like how I formatted the URI for my standalone grid. Be assured I did include it in the original comment but the editor did not publish it.

  11. NickyP

    Yes there is an issue with adding grids that I have yet to work. Inside your local data folder on linux it is ~/.kokua there is a user_settings subfolder. In that folder is the file grids_user.xml. Edit there to add a grid. You may want to place a a copy elsewhere so when you upgrade you can use that backup copy. Also, Kokua-3.7.6 can be used to add a grid and then that data will be in user_settings and can used for later versions. Kokua-3.7.6 is the last fully functional for opensim version. You may want to have both on you system. I don’t know if that is easy on a mac.

    Please be aware that there is an issue using opensim with some grids triggering a viewer crash. Known good grids are osgrid, 3RG (thrid rock grid), and jOpenSimWorld.

    I haven’t tried loginuri in a long time but, I will. It may also be broken.

  12. André Verwijs

    still waiting for a stable version :( when is is this coming?

  13. NickyP

    I’m still working on it. 3.7.6 is there for opensim users that can’t use the current version.

    Sorry it is taking so long.

  14. Gavin Hird

    Keeping multiple versions on the Mac is super easy as it is jut a matter of giving them different names or keeping them in different folders. They are, however, going to use the same user_settings folder inside of ~/Library/Application Support/Kokua

    If you want to keep a backup of your old user_settings around it is just a matter of selecting the folder in Finder and do a Command+D to duplicate it and one called user_settings copy will be created.

  15. André Verwijs

    will support for “Variable-sized regions” be added in the far future?

  16. NickyP

    Kokua-3.7.6 var regions are somewhat supported. There are a few map and teleport issues to workout.

  17. André Verwijs

    cool :) much better than mega regions witch are buggy and unstable. But i thought map and teleport were open-simulator side bugs to fix. But true, viewer also needs to be compatible …

  18. Teagan Tobias

    Using 3.7.6, installed 3.7.12 Could not change clothing, some but problems. Did clean install of 3.7.12 same problem. LL viewer no problem. Installed 3.7.6 and no problem. Just saying how it worked for me.

  19. NickyP

    Yes there are outfit/appearance/wear from inventory issues with 3.7.12.

    I think I have these issue corrected and am looking to folks to run test versions to confirm; as development systems are not the best to test on.

    Kokua_RLVa_Test_3_7_15 has these fixes in place and also is merged up to SL viewer 3.7.15.


  20. Teagan Tobias

    Installed 15 test, can confirm problems with clothing in 12 fixed for me. Will keep running with 15, thanks.