Kokua-3.7.6 is released

– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.5 (Google Breakpad (crash reporting cohort), 3.7.6 (Merchant Outbox, Google Breakpad bug fixes, and Voice Library updates for Mac and Windows*). *The libraries were merged in an earlier release. This completes the record by including all the changes.

SL Release 3.7.5.

SL Release 3.7.6.

Kokua Team Contributions

Feature related:
– Received items to display as a system folder ported from Firestorm (Ansariel , and NickyD rework of same). In Kokua, by design, the large received items selector at the bottom of the main inventory window is always present even when the received items folder is shown in main inventory.

– Hide empty system folders from Firestorm (Ansariel).

– Correct several merge regressions from RLVa affecting Kokua functionally.

– Windows, returned functionally of local chat right click menu music stream title display. This was removed when FmodEx was installed. (Jessica Wabbit)

– Macintosh streaming music is now using the FmodEx library and streams appear more reliable than with previously used Quicktime.

UI enhancements (Jessica Wabbit):

– Corrected the parcel name not changing unless “Show region coordinates” was switched on.

– “Report Abuse” added to right click context menus for objects and avatars.

– A complete record of all changes is here.

Server Side Appearance and Inventory API version 3 (AISv3).

I hoped to put this functionally into this release but, neither RLV nor RLVa have public source code repositories that have a working merge of sunshine-external the SSA/AISv3 repository and I am not familiar enough with RLV code to go with my own merge. There are working Kokua project viewers (without RLV) that have SSA/AISv3 merged and are within a few changes of this release . I am leaning toward using RLV by Marine Kelley instead of RLVa by Kitty Barnett because Marine Kelley’s RLV repository is routinely maintained, as is Kokua, close to the Secondlife viewer. If anyone knows of performance differences between RLV and RLVa please comment.

Project Viewers for Server Side Appearance with AISv3
Kokua SSA Testing

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

7 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.6 is released”

  1. André Verwijs

    Running Linux Mint 17 AMD64 (Ubuntu Trusy based) with latest Nvidia driver 340.17

    I think i know my problem witch i have with opensim water…
    “Open GL” libraries are not being loaded when start up viewer. I’ve tried older versions of Kukoa, added a “PATH” line to the kukoa startup script. not sure how point to the correct libraries for “Open GL”… or libraries are not compattible…

    tips are welcome…

  2. NickyP

    Some settings that have effect on water are Develop->Rendering->Object-Object Occlusion and Advanced Lightly Model that can be toggled from Preferences->Graphics.

  3. André

    i will try that thanks, but if Open GL is being loaded, water won’t be rendered …

  4. NickyP

    I think /really just guessing / that OpenGL is mostly wrapped under a graphics card driver.
    What is the Preferences -> Graphics slider setting? If it is very low that indicates the graphics card is not being detected.

    Next you could try changing to a different water under World -> Environment Editor -> Environment Settings -> Water drop down.

  5. André

    Kokua water works GREAT with OpenSuse 13.1 :) so OpenGL with OpenSuse works better than with Ubuntu (trusy)…


    see details here:

  6. André

    Latest Kokua (Kokua (Apr 29 2014 20:22:43)(Kokua Release 64) works now (Water) with latest open-simulator on Linux Mint 17… needed to install Nvidia Driver 337.25 witch has compatible OpenGL libraries for Kokua… (newer doesn’t)



  7. NickyP

    Thanks for the feedback.