Kokua-3.7.4 is released

– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.7.2 (HTTP Improvements cohort), 3.7.3 (Maintenance Release cohort) and 3.7.4 (Streaming Audio Improvements cohort).
– SL Release 3.7.2 notes.
– SL Release 3.7.3 notes.
– SL Release 3.7.4 notes.
Kokua Team Contributions
– RLVa and Inventory-Attachment edit features from Kitty Barnett have been merged into Kokua. The RLVa API is defaulted to off and can be placed on under the Advanced menu entry RestrainedLove API by checking to on and re logging. This feature needs tested. Please file issues as they are found. I have never used RLVa so, please make detailed issue reports. Inventory-Attachment edit is one of the best viewer add on features I have come across. The use case is you have a small attachment that is embedded in your avatar or you accidentally dropped it instead of detaching it. Find the item in inventory and right click edit. The edit arrows will locate the object and you can move it as desired.
– Advanced Build Constraints menu entry is removed and the debug entry is defaulted on. The aurora sim code interfered with Build Tools Object position value entries when Advanced Build Constrains was not selected. Many of the limit overrides are set from server awareness with aurora code in play and the Advanced Build Constrains code was duplicating and conflicting.
– Fixed legacy search on Opensim grids where a not found search would stay ‘Searching’ and never advance to ‘Not Found’.
– Work in progress fix for full screen mode on mac.
– From Firestorm — Restore items to last position, Shape import, and Maximum Frames per Second (MaxFPS) debug setting. MaxFPS set to 60 will likely degrad Refresh scene as that feature relies on FPS to spike for a few seconds when activated. A trade off is to set MaxFPS to minus 1.0 (off) if refreshing the scene is more important than a limited FPS. MaxFPS set to 60 allows less viewer – server traffic and keeps graphics card from processing excessively. Human eyesight cannot detect any difference in the scene with rates above 60 FPS.
– Crash logging is on but, reports are not being sent. This will allow more detailed crash reports that users may attach to issue tracker reports.
– Defaults: Draw Distance Range 0 to 1024 meters for all slider locations. Object Mesh Detail maximum from 4 to 8. Limit select distance is off. Disable camera constraints is on. Left toolbar panel is set to align buttons at the bottom.
– A complete record of changes is here.
Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

2 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.4 is released”

  1. André

    As i expected, doesn’t work on (Ubuntu) Linux. OK, starting up goes fine but graphics are crap… I even use Nvidia 337.12 beta drivers.

    good idea’s are welcome..

  2. NickyP

    I cannot reproduce this as I use a VM of ubuntu 14.04 and that has a very poor graphics driver.

    Some time back the Depth of Field setting defaulted to on. This caused a blurred background. That has since been defaulted to off. If you have not wiped your settings then it is possible it is on.

    Please open an issue on redmine.

    We need a copy of your About->Kokua. The sim where is occurs needs to be publically available in order to confirm the issue.

    The term “graphics are crap” isn’t specific enough to be a base any technical analysis.

    So far yours is the only report of linux graphics problems.