Kokua Test / Linux

A reported Linux viewer issue that stream titles were spamming local chat and notifications is resolved in this test version.

This fix was applied during development for the next release and includes from Catznip / Kitty Barnett’s features RLVa and Edit items from Inventory features. These features have not been thoroughly tested in Kokua and users are encouraged to review Kokua’s Best Practices for Testing wiki before using.

7 Responses to “Kokua Test / Linux”

  1. Aya

    For some reason, this post and the last post (Kokua-3.7.1 is released.) are not showing for me on the main page “blog.kokuaviewer.org”. This isn’t important, but is this something on my browser’s end?

  2. Mike Chase

    Nicky, with 3.7.1 (and 3.7.2, I run on Linux) I am getting a hard crash when applying textures by DnD or from the texture selection dialog. This is running against InWorldz. It simply exits to the OS, no exception reported. I have a build I made locally I want to test but its missing the media changes since I track Kokua-Beta not Kokua in your list of repos, Which is the best to follow? I’ll try my local build and see if its any better. I did have to fix an issue with some C++-11 related errors during compile.


  3. NickyP


    That is the current dev repo. Be sure and read the overview as there are bookmarks in place.
    Also, you may want to back off some for you work in which case you can hg update xxxxx to the revision you want to work from or hg clone to that revision to move all the in front stuff out of the way.

    To clarify you are in Do not Disturb (DnD) and apply a texture and crash?

  4. Mike Chase

    Sorry no, Drag and Drop. So dropping a texture on a face or using the texture picker and I crash immediately.

    I reverted my local changes and can’t build with G++ 4.8.1. So there are still issues there. I’m running on Linux Mint 16 x86_64.

  5. NickyP
  6. Mike Chase

    Same problem with the build you sent. It doesn’t crash on SL so its something InWorldz related. I dont see the same issue with Firestorm tho. Also the build button is permanently grayed on both SL and IW. Not sure why thats the case.

    Anyway I’ll do a build and debug a bit and see what I can find.


  7. NickyP

    Working on the Build button greyed out now. Right click “Create” can take you into build. My local opensim works for apply textures. Not sure on other opensim.