Kokua-3.7.1 is released.



– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.13 (Packaging cohort), 3.7.0 (Fitted Mesh plus sundry fixes cohort) and 3.7.1 (1317Hotfix cohort).

– SL Release 3.6.13 notes

– SL Release 3.7.0 notes.

– SL Release 3.7.1 notes.

Kokua Team Contributions

– The default for the draw distance slider on the status bar is now off. New users were confusing it with the master volume slider. The draw distance slider can be set to be on with the debug variable “showdDSlider”.

– Added under Advanced and Commands is a Refresh scene selection. Operationally, it deselects Preferences->Graphics->Advanced->Basic shaders and once deselected the frame rate will increase dramatically due to decreased rendering load and quickly pull in the basics of a scene, next, an information message is printed to the log to give a little more time with out shaders, then, Basic shaders are returned to enabled which dresses the scene. This can be tested by manually following the steps above. This helps to mitigate the missing prims issue. I had some experience using this at a recent third party viewer developers meeting. When I arrived the other participant avatars were sitting in air and the hippo theater was missing. I used Refresh Scene and all missing primitives and parts thereof rezzed quickly.

– Windows version is now playing streaming music with the FMOD Ex library. This being used under the non commercial license from FMOD.

– Long overdue and ported from Firestorm is avatar name on the title bar. (Presently for windows only)

– Opensim variable sized regions and aurora sim regions are now supported. Kokua needs testers willing to document and submit issue reports concerning all aspects of its use in large regions.

– Macintosh viewer is now release. Moving to release was made possible by several mac users who tested and provided feedback.

– Several old issues concerning the user interface have been resolved. Thanks to the contributions from David Rowe.

– A complete record of changes is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.

5 Responses to “Kokua-3.7.1 is released.”

  1. Justin Smith

    I have a 64-bit Ubuntu system and the latest release opens up a black window and hangs at startup.

  2. NickyP

    On Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit no issues. started and logged on fine.
    If yours is newer then you can try the test version it is built with gcc 4.6.

  3. Sarge Misfit

    Whoo hoo! I can use gtp again!!

    Works fine on my 2048×2048 region (Excelsior Station). But its running on WhiteCoreSim which is a recent fork of AuroraSim.

    And you surprised me, too. I got a prim down to .0001m thickness! Totally amazing.

    The only issue I have, which is common to all the viewers I use, is that it won’t draw beyond 1,024m despite setting the draw distance to 2048m. I would love to be able to float there in one corner and be able to look out over the whole of my build :-)

  4. Netfun81

    I have the same problem as Justin Smith. Tried the new test viewer also with same results. I’m on Xubuntu 13.10 64bit with Nvidia 3.19-updates driver. Sometimes the username screen comes up and then everything will log on just fine. Most the time the screen is blank and frozen when trying to start.

  5. NickyP

    Please open a redmine issue: http://redmine.kokuaviewer.org/projects/kokua

    Please follow the procedure linked below to get a backtrace.

    Also attach the kokua/log file

    The folder is located at ~/.kokua – it’s a hidden folder (the folder name begins with a dot) and it’s inside the user home folder. To get here:
    Open your file manager
    go to your home folder
    if needed, enable “Show Hidden Files and Directories” or a similar option in your file manager
    open the .kokua folder
    see the logs folder for Kokua.log and stack_trace.log